The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Was Potentially Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick | Joe Hoft


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The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Was Potentially Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick

Guest post by Joe Hoft

For more than a year the Democrat Party and their corrupt MSM have all been behind the phony Trump-Russia collusion scandal. Their efforts to frame the current President are so extreme, corrupt and criminal that one has to wonder why they would go through all this to frame President Trump? What could be so devastating that liberals in politics and the media will do all they can to make up this bold and grandiose lie? The answer may have been hidden in the recent IG’s report on the FBI’s actions with Hillary’s emails.

The IG’s report released a month ago reported numerous crimes and corrupt actions taken by many individuals in the deep state FBI and DOJ. These fiends reportedly did all they could to cover up Hillary’s email crimes while setting up the current President on a phony non-existent crime of Russian collusion. We now have more information that may be the reason for the extreme measures to take down the current President.

Hidden on pages 293-294 in the IG’s report is a discussion of some material found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The discussion is between EAD Randall Coleman and FBI Director James Comey on October 4th, 2016. Weiner was arrested for sexting a teenage girl which led to his email devices being confiscated and thousands of emails uncovered. Weiner was also the husband of Hillary campaign aid Huma Abedin. Apparently the emails were a problem for Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ because they were suspected of including all kinds of information that would be damning to the Clintons, Obama and the Democratic Party.

The following was noted in the IG’s report –

Comey’s Outlook calendar for October 4 contains an entry for “Morning Briefs” from 8:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. that is immediately followed by an entry for “Meeting w/EAD Coleman” from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Coleman told us that he could not recall this briefing with Comey. Coleman stated that staying behind to brief Comey would be consistent with normal practice, but added that he did not recall this specific instance. Coleman told us that it would be unusual to have a one-on-one meeting with Comey and told us someone else would typically be present at these briefings, such as the DD or ADD. While not remembering this meeting, Coleman speculated that this may have been a one-on-one meeting with Comey to discuss Coleman’s upcoming retirement from the FBI in December 2016.

Coleman told us that he kept regularly took notes in a journal. Coleman’s notes from October 4 contained the following entry:

(1) Anthony Wiener [sic]

(2) [Unrelated]

(3) Wiener [sic] – texting 15 yo – Sexually Explicit

9/26 – Federal SW – IPhone/IPAD/Laptop

Initial analysis of laptop – thousands emails

Hillary Clinton & Foundation

Crime Against Children

We asked Coleman about these notes and he told us that, given their placement in his notebook, the notes would most likely represent information he was briefed on first thing in the morning by his subordinates in the Criminal Investigative Division. Coleman stated that he may have passed this information to other FBI executives after the morning briefing with the Director, but he could not remember if that occurred here.

Comey told us that he did not recall the briefing by Coleman reflected in his calendar. We asked Comey if this briefing could have been the time in early October that he recalled being told about the connection between Midyear and the Weiner investigation. Comey stated:

It’s possible, possible this is what is knocking around in the back of my head, but I really, see I know the frailty of memory from having done a lot of this work, at least in my memory it’s much more of an informal than a meeting about it, but it’s possible.

We showed Coleman’s notes from October 4 to Comey. Comey did not recall being briefed on the information contained in the notes. When asked about Coleman, Comey said he “thought very highly of him” and described him as a “straight shooter.”

We asked Comey if this information was something that he likely would have “put out of his mind” after being informed of it in early October. Comey responded, “I don’t think so unless, unless the way it was passed to me was with some, you don’t need to do anything. We’re doing, we’re running it down or something. Something that pushed it down on my priority list.”

When asked if he recalled this meeting between Coleman and Comey, Rybicki stated that he did not. Bowdich told us that it is possible that he would have been at this meeting between Comey and Coleman, but he had no recollection of it. McCabe continued to be on travel and was not in Washington, D.C., on October 4.

It is absolutely inconceivable that anyone, let alone leaders in the FBI and DOJ could forget a discussion related to ‘crimes against children’. The odds of this were zero. As the report states, EAD Coleman and FBI Director Comey seldom if ever met one on one. So the fact that they would both forget this also is not realistic. It is absolutely shocking and disgusting that these men would forget about discussing ‘crimes against children’.

Is this what the Dems and their MSM are afraid of? Is there some real seedy, disgusting and criminal material in the Weiner emails that would lead Hillary Clinton, Obama and all liberals to frantically cling to a fake story about Trump and Russia?

There has to be some major reason other than just losing the election to go to the lengths the liberals have gone to remove Trump from his Presidency. Their crimes against children may be the story the Dems were willing to do anything to stop from reaching the public. They really may be that sick.




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