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The DeSantis Presidential Campaign Is Done

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign is done.

His campaign was a failure as it seemed every decision was the wrong one.

DeSantis announced his campaign on Twitter and it was a bust. It didn’t work. It was embarrassing. Some believed then that he would never recover.

This was after DeSantis had been campaigning for months but not campaigning.  He did this because the law in Florida said that he had to resign if he was going to run for President.  DeSantis had this changed but it was too late.

A Trump supporter attended one of his pre-campaign events in Georgia. She claimed it was a disaster.

This was captured at The Gateway Pundit.

“I’m Glad I Got Kicked Out” – Trump Supporter Crashes DeSantis “Book Signing” in Georgia and Describes the Event

Not a single person there was saying they were voting for DeSantis in 2024.

DeSantis was backed by every Nevertrumper in the country.  He failed to stand up for President Trump when he was slandered, defamed and indicted on BS charges across the country by the corrupt Biden regime.

Americans want justice, freedom and someone who will stand up for their rights.  Americans don’t want politicians.

DeSantis was the top candidate for VP under President Trump but he listened to the RINOs in the party who buttered him up and made him believe he could beat President Trump.

Big mistake. Huge.

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