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The Corrupt Bragg – Merchan Case Is Falling Apart

Judge Merchan

The corrupt case in front of the corrupt judge in New York was upended yesterday by Michael Cohen’s testimony and that of his former attorney Robert Costello.  

Vernon Jones tweeted:

Breaking News in NY Court room!!!!!

It’s no question, judge, Juan M. Merchan is clearly crooked and wants Trump to go to jail. He just cleared the court room because the defendant Bob Costello’s is sinking @MichaelCohen212 testimony. The judge is helping the prosecutors silence Costello.

Judge Merchan just went rogue and unhinged and cleared the court room. I’ve never witnessed this by a judge in my life. Omg! It’s too obvious the judge hates @realDonaldTrump , and is in bed with Alvin Bragg.

Now I see why it’s not televised. The judge doesn’t want you to see his crookedness.

CNN legal analyst points out that Michael Cohen’s crime is more egregious than the shams they are indicting President Trump for and Cohen walks free.

After yesterday’s performance more and more Americans are calling for Judge Merchan to go to jail.

They are losing liars and crooks. They need to go to jail.

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