Slimy Obama “Ethics Czar” Behind Lawfare Against President Trump Runs Like Little Girl When Confronted Outside NY Courthouse | Joe Hoft


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Slimy Obama “Ethics Czar” Behind Lawfare Against President Trump Runs Like Little Girl When Confronted Outside NY Courthouse

Deep State slimeball Norm Eisen runs like a coward when confronted outside the courthouse in New York.

Norm Eisen was Obama’s “Ethics Czar”.  It was the perfect role for a soulless slimeball like Eisen.  Eisen was behind nearly every effort to stop President Trump from running the country and disabling Obama’s America destroying activities.  He was in on the lawfare against President Trump.  He was part of the first BS impeachment.  He was behind the 2020 Election Steal.

In my first book on the 2020 Election, “The Steal – Volume I: The Impossible Occurs“, I shared the following in the first chapter on the Deep State:

On September 15, 2020, Carlson invited Darren Beattie on his show.  Beattie was a former speechwriter for President Trump. Beattie shared:

…what Democrats are planning in November is to try and force a contested election by using engineered voter fraud scenarios and lawfare (tons of lawsuits) to mobilize mass protests in order to question the legitimacy of Trump. And he says the main person behind this strategy is lawfare hatchet man Norm Eisen, who used to be Obama’s ‘Ethics Czar’.

Norm Eisen was a great fit for Obama’s “Ethics Czar”. His actions showed that he lacked any ethics. He hated those who were against Obama and his policies of socialism and the destruction of America. This is why it comes as no surprise that Eisen HATED candidate and President Donald J. Trump.

Eisen was not shy about his hatred for Trump. Before President Trump’s inauguration, Eisen tweeted messages sharing his hatred and his lust to use that hatred and destroy President Trump and those who voted for him. In December 2016, Eisen retweeted a tweet calling for President Trump’s impeachment and related hotel rates:

“Love it! Purchasing an inauguration package entitles you to a discounted stay in event if future impeachment proceedings.”

Eisen also tweeted out, “Vive le resistance!” and “Let the battle begin!”, on President Trump’s Inauguration Day. He simply hated President Trump. This hate is why he had no hesitation in doing all he could to stop the Trump agenda. Legal or not, it appears it didn’t matter.

Eisen is a slimeball and everyone knows it.  He’s sick with TDS.  He’s written white papers on the court cases and lawfare illegally and unconstitutionally used against President Trump.  His goal is to get Trump.

In 2016 Eisen met with another sleaze, Michael Cohen.  Below Eisen speaks with Cohen.

Eisen has been in the courtroom throughout Soros-backed Bragg’s totally bogus case against President Trump in New York City.  This is one of the most corrupt actions in US history and Eisen is proud to be part of it.  He’s a creep.

Yesterday, outside the courthouse Eisen was confronted by Jason Goodman.  Rather than answer up for his many crimes related to getting Trump, Eisen ran like a coward.

The Deep State is full of creepy cowards.

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