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Thanks Biden – Iran Can Make Nukes in Less Than Two Weeks


Iran can create nukes in less than two weeks. 

Way to go Joe Biden! 

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Iran can produce enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb in less than two weeks, the United States warned as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday held a security assessment with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that focused on threats from the Islamic Republic.

“It is assessed that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program at this time,” US Defense Department stated in a report it published on Friday called the “Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction” in 2023.

Israel has long warned that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is a top global threat, but the US stated that when it came to weapons of mass destruction it was most concerned with China and Russia.

Less than a month ago Biden gave Iran a reported $16 billion.  Why was this ever done?

Biden Didn’t Pay Iran $6 Billion in Prisoner Exchange on 9-11, Biden Paid $16 Billion!!!

Barack Obama also sent Iran pallets full of cash during his Administration.  It made no sense.  Why would Obama provide billions to Iran and then Biden do the same?

Iran is the number one terrorist nation in the world and is responsible for the death of thousands of US soldiers in Iraq.

Obama and Biden have paid Iran billions and gave Afghanistan over to the Taliban. 

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