Senate Majority Leader McConnell Against Free Speech – Surrendering FCC to Obama | Joe Hoft


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Senate Majority Leader McConnell Against Free Speech – Surrendering FCC to Obama

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To hell with Free Speech, to hell with the American People and to hell with Trump.

Charles Johnson at reports that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made an agreement with Obama and Democratic Senator Harry Reid to give control of the FCC to the Democrats.

Multiple DC sources have confirmed to GotNews that an effort to give Democrats control of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for months into Trump’s presidency is actually being led by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell himself.

McConnell has reached an agreement with President Barack Obama and Democratic Senator Harry Reid to trade away control of the FCC for in exchange for confirmation of his own staffer, Neil Chatterjee, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)….

Chatterjee is one of McConnell’s closest and most prized staffers. His nomination has been stalled and because Chatterjee is a known #NeverTrump activist, McConnell is desperate to get him confirmed before the end of the year to prevent Trump from naming his own loyal supporters to FERC instead next year.

McConnell was no fan of President-elect Donald Trump and did nothing for his campaign or election while regularly denouncing Trump. However, his move to turn over control of the FCC so his #NeverTrump staffer obtains an appointment puts McConnell in line with Democrats.

The Democrats never think that their positions are their problem. They support abortion, massive government spending, social versus individual rights, horrible foreign policies, no borders, global warming, etc… Rather than changing their illogical and murderous socialist positions, Democrats believe in the fascist communist principle of silencing alternative voices.

President Obama has been going after free speech his entire Presidency but especially since the election. He surrendered control of the Internet to non US entities. He supported FCC actions to stop conservative views on the Internet. Hillary also gave her infamous ‘Alt Right’ speech where she too went after free speech.

The Democrats owned the message on all the cable and major media channels during the election (including FOX with a couple exceptions). They own the messages at most newspapers, most news sources, most social media companies and Hollywood. Because of this the Internet has blossomed with numerous sites sharing the truth from a conservative point of view.

By running the FCC Democrats can ultimately shut down conservative points of view on the Internet and almost everywhere. The FCC has vast jurisdiction over the Internet, television, and radio, making it one of the most powerful federal agencies.

McConnell’s move to hand over control of the FCC so his staffer can get an appointment is treasonous to the American people, the Republican Party and to President-elect Trump. God help us – Drain the Swamp.

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