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SCOTT ADAMS: Trump’s Third Act Is Shaping Up Nicely

The brilliant Scott Adams from Dilbert has been a Trump supporter since 2016.  He sees what is going on before many others and he is able to admit it when he is wrong.

Scott Adams points out that President Trump’s third election is stacking up nicely.

Trump’s 3rd Act is shaping up nicely.

1. Majority of Americans believes 2020 election was rigged.

2. Majority of Americans believe Democrats are using lawfare against him.

3. Majority of Americans think he did better job on the border.

4. Majority of Americans know Democrats and Intel people invented the Russia collusion nonsense.

5. Majority of Americans believe Biden is corrupt.

6. Climate alarmism is looking more like a hoax every day.

7. Majority of Americans know the news is not real.

8. Everyone who isn’t a TDS gooner knows the Jan6th Insurrection hoax was an FBI/Democrat op.

9. It has become common knowledge that the Fine People hoax was the centerpiece of Biden’s campaign.

10. No reasonable person thinks Biden is mentally capable to do the job.

You can’t win much harder than that.

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