REPULSIVE: Democrats Trying So Hard to Make Bogus Bragg Case About Stormy Daniels | Joe Hoft


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REPULSIVE: Democrats Trying So Hard to Make Bogus Bragg Case About Stormy Daniels

The corrupt Democrats who most agree now are acting like communists, are pushing the corrupt Bragg case so they can bring up Stormy Daniels.  It’s all they have.  

The party of slavery, the Democrat Party, is now the only party in US history to raid a former President’s home, set him up in multiple cases, arrest him on bogus charges for non-crimes and attempt to put him in jail while taking away his 1st Amendment rights to defend himself.  Yes, this is a corrupt communist party.

To top it off these sick disgusting anti-American degenerates go further to bring up a case so they can throw a stripper all over social media.  These people have no morals and they hate this great country.  They will do anything to destroy it.

Stormy Daniels made statements this week that don’t agree with her statements about the same story in the past.

Daniels tweeted the following. Now President Trump’s attorneys want to know if the jury ever saw this tweet.

The corrupt and disgusting communist far-left wants to keep the Stormy Daniels case in the news and in social media. The Deep State is helping.

These people also insinuated that Melania Trump is a stripper like Stormy Daniels.

Even the Babylon Bee couldn’t help but notice the Stormy Daniels story…

Daniels agreed to signing the following document. This is Bragg’s star witness.

Here’s another nasty tweet about Daniels.

Democrats are totally rotten, evil and disgusting.  They will do anything to destroy this country. 

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