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RABBI PESACH WOLICKI: Biden Is Stabbing Israel in the Back

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki says that Biden is stabbing Israel in the back. 

Biden is covering up for Hamas and Egypt while hurting Israel.  This is unheard of in US policies.

Biden’s gang is performing a color revolution in Israel working on getting Bibi out of office.

In a recent deal negotiated with Hamas, the terrorist group changed its position to release only dead Israeli hostages and keep 36 living hostages in captivity.

Sources familiar with Hamas’ counteroffer for a ceasefire-prisoner swap deal have reported that there are significant discrepancies between the agreed-upon deal and the new one, which was proposed without Israel’s consent.

“There are sections in which Hamas went way too far away from what was agreed upon with the US,” the sources told Kan News. “The exchange of documents creates the dynamic of negotiations, which are expected to resume tomorrow in Cairo.”

A previous report by the New York Times quoted a US official as claiming that there were only “minor wording changes” between the two proposals.

The Biden gang is playing with Israel while supporting Hamas.  The Biden regime hates Israel and its actions show it. 

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