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President Trump Drops Truth Bombs on Corrupt Judge Merchan and Soros-Backed DA Bragg

Evil Judge Merchan

President Trump shared a number of truths this morning about the corrupt judge and DA in New York trying to throw him in prison. 

President Trump started by sharing the following:

Could somebody please ask Judge Merchan, whatever happened to MARK POMERANTZ, the man Alvin Bragg was furious at for the things he did on this contrived and unconstitutional case, and why wasn’t he allowed to testify? Also, why did Judge Merchan not allow Brad Smith, the leading Election Law Expert in the Country, to testify. He would have ended the case quickly by explaining the Law and stating that President Trump did nothing wrong. Likewise Bob Costello, and all of his direct and irrefutable knowledge, why was he so horribly treated and completely shut down by the Conflicted Judge, and why were his Emails and Text Messages not allowed to be shown…And then, of course, there’s the BIGGEST EVENT OF THEM ALL, but I’m not allowed to talk about it because I’m under an illegal and unconstitutional GAG ORDER. This is the Biden White House at work. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

Then President Trump shared a number of truths from legal experts on corrupt Judge Merchan’s case in New York where the President committed no crimes.  Here are some of the quotes President Trump shared:

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: “Alvin Bragg Hasn’t Proved His Case in the Trump Trial: The evidence shows why the charges should never have been brought…After 20 days in Court, and a trial transcript of 4000 pages, THE MISSING PIECE IS STILL MISSING.”

Jonathan Turley: “A classic closing pitch by lawyers is to use a physical object like a three-legged stool. If any leg is missing, the stool collapses. Even a cursory review of the evidence shows this case does not have a leg to stand on…The case against Trump should end in ‘NOT GUILTY.’”

Gregg Jarrett: “Every defendant has the fundamental right ‘to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation’ against him. But Bragg never abided by that constitutional guarantee. Even worse, Merchan let him get away with it — the same way he allowed his local court to be misused to enforce a federal law over which he has no authority or jurisdiction.”

Mark Levin: “The Bragg case is about lawfare run amok against a former president running again for president…It also represents the greatest effort to interfere with and steal a federal election in American political history…Never before has a president sought to imprison his political opponent — in Trump’s case, a former president running for president again and who holds leads in the most crucial battleground states. Donald Trump is, in fact, the most persecuted man in America — legally and politically…Here’s just some of it: unconstitutional impeachments, relentless Democrat Party-media attacks, attempts to bankrupt him and destroy his businesses with a preposterous statute, the criminalization of the law by Democrat prosecutors in four cases brought in four different jurisdictions and totaling 91 cooked up charges, the use of a criminal warrant and an FBI SWAT team….

….to search his home, the denial of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendment rights denying him free speech, due process, equal protection, attorney-client privilege, competent representation, imposing hugely excessive fines and denying him a jury trial, judges cutting corners and rushing cases before the election, judges with obvious conflicts of interest overseeing cases and the effective suspension of judicial rules of professional conduct, the leaking of his tax returns, multiple efforts to remove him from state presidential ballots…denying him executive privilege protection, the use of grand juries in overwhelmingly hostile cities, bar and criminal attacks on his lawyers, etc…By terrorizing Trump they hope to terrorize you. This is typical of an autocracy.”

Andy McCarthy: “Former FEC commissioner Bradley Smith’s testimony would have established that Trump cannot have willfully violated FECA [The Federal Election Campaign Act]. Because NDAs are not campaign expenditures, Trump did not have a FECA legal duty with respect to them…Ergo, he could not have intentionally flouted a known legal duty.”

The Obama/Biden regime are the most corrupt and criminal gang in US history.  They commit crimes and project them on President Trump. 

2 thoughts on “President Trump Drops Truth Bombs on Corrupt Judge Merchan and Soros-Backed DA Bragg”

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