President Trump Drops a Bomb Related to Corrupt Mueller Team Conflicts of Interest in Tweet Yesterday!

President Trump went on a tweet storm yesterday attacking the corrupt Mueller team for its many conflicts of interest but in doing so he refers to a report?

As reported yesterday, the President’s first tweet referring to the Mueller team addressed the conflicts of interest by the associates within the team. – “This whole Russia Probe is Rigged. Just an excuse as to why the Dems and Crooked Hillary lost the Election and States that haven’t been lost in decades. 13 Angry Democrats, and all Dems if you include the people who worked for Obama for 8 years.”

But in the President’s next tweet he refers to a “report” that the corrupt Mueller team will “indelibly be written into” due to “their disqualifying Conflicts of Interest”… “along with the fact that the only Collusion is with the Dems, Justice, FBI and Russia”.

It’s been clear from the start that the Mueller team has numerous conflicts of interest starting with Mueller himself.

What is unclear is what “report” the President is referring to. The IG report on the FBI’s actions related to the 2016 Clinton email scandal is in the final draft stages. So this can’t be the report the President is referring to.

So what report is it that the Mueller team could be remembered in throughout history?

We can only hope that a report supporting indictments for criminal actions leading to time in prison is in the works for the corrupt and conflicted team of Mueller misfits and Hillary supporters.