Once Upset About Trump Tweets – CNN Now Pushes Showtime Cartoon Labeled “Our Cartoon President”

The king of Fake News – CNN – was once very upset about Trump tweets – especially the tweet where President Trump slammed CNN in a pro wrestling spoof. Now CNN is pushing a Showtime cartoon that disgraces President Trump labeled “Our Cartoon President”.

President Trump tweeted one of the most shared tweets ever earlier this year about CNN –

CNN was so upset about the President’s tweet that CNN threatened to release the identity of the individual who created the video (which of course may be against the law).

But that was then – this is now.

CNN now is promoting a cartoon coming out on Showtime that makes fun of President Trump – the President is a scratch golfer but the cartoon wants to make him out to not be able to walk down a hallway –

Funny, CNN never questioned Hillary’s health during the campaign – even when she had seizures –

CNN and Showtime – Fake News and Fake Political Movie Channel