NY Times Promotes “The Popularity of Marathons” While Communist Kangaroo Court in Manhattan Goes After President Trump | Joe Hoft


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NY Times Promotes “The Popularity of Marathons” While Communist Kangaroo Court in Manhattan Goes After President Trump


The New York Times is promoting the popularity of marathons while a communist kangaroo court in Manhattan pushes a sham case against President Trump. 

The New York Times has been hiding crimes and wrongdoing for decades.  History shows:

Throughout World War II, the American media published and broadcast timely, detailed, and accurate accounts of what was happening to the Jews in Europe. The New York Times alone printed nearly 1,200 articles about what we have now come to call the Holocaust, about one every other day.

The articles in the Times and elsewhere described the propagation of anti-Semitic laws in German allied countries; death from disease and starvation of hundreds of thousands in ghettos and labor camps; mass executions in Nazi-occupied Russia; and mass gassings in Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidanek. The articles also indicated that these were not isolated incidents, but part of a systematic campaign to kill all the Jews in Europe.

And yet, at the end of the war and for decades afterward, Americans claimed they did not know about the Holocaust as it was happening. How was it possible for so much information to be available in the mass media and yet simultaneously for the public to be ignorant?

The reason is that the American media in general and the New York Times in particular never treated the Holocaust as an important news story. From the start of the war in Europe to its end nearly six years later, the story of the Holocaust made the Times front page only 26 times out of 24,000 front-page stories, and most of those stories referred to the victims as “refugees” or “persecuted minorities.” In only six of those stories were Jews identified on page one as the primary victims.

This appears to be still going on.  The Times refuses to report the crimes behind the Soros-backed Bragg case in Manhattan.  Funny that Soros helped the Nazis in WWII by turning in Jews and taking their booty as they were shipped to concentration camps.

The Times appears to be following orders from the Deep State.  They don’t report on the real facts of the case.  The reasons the case is a total sham are not presented.  It’s like the Times is supporting Nazis over innocents by supporting Soros-backed Bragg in this sham case against former New Yorker President Donald Trump.

One Dozen Reasons Why the New York Bragg Case is a Total Sham (i.e. There Are No Crimes)

This morning’s NYT newsletter shares the heading, “The Morning: The Popularity of Marathons”.

When it does get to the communist show trial happening in Manhattan, the Times uses Trump hater Maggie Haberman claimed that President Trump dozed off.

This is the Times.  This is why America hates the Times. 

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