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No One Has Enabled Terrorism to Flourish More Than Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Meets Muslim Brotherhood in White House

Doug Ross released a piece where he states that Barack Hussein Obama has supported Islamic terrorism for more than a decade. 

Ross states in his piece – “Obama and the New Auschwitz” – the following:

Since the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, American policy against Iran was to treat it as an enemy. Its incessant support of terror attacks around the world, many targeting civilian Jews, resulted in its exclusion from normal diplomatic relations. It was — and remains to this day — the foremost state sponsor of terror. A pariah among nations.

All of that changed with Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009. His first major diplomatic act touched off the “Arab Spring”, a set of hardline revolts in many countries including Egypt, which had been the site of his first speech. Breaking with all American traditions, Obama slammed America’s foreign policies and sided with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political element, which had once aligned with Hitler’s Third Reich.

Helping Crush the Green Revolution

Many countries resisted Obama’s empowerment of Islamist Dictatorships, Egypt under Morsi being the most successful example. But no country suffered more than Iran from Obama’s policies. With the support of a normal U.S. president, the populist Green Revolution would have succeeded in overcoming the theocratic Islamists and offered females some level of equality. But Obama wasn’t a normal president; he offered virtually no support to the young men and women of Iran. He has instead worked tirelessly to secure nuclear weapons for the leading terror state in the world.

Deceiving Congress

Iran’s nuclear ambitions were only possible thanks to Barack Obama. He drove Congress relentlessly to approve steps that would allow Iran to both build nuclear weapons and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. Read that last sentence again please.
Ross continues:

Rather than abandon his official duties after his first two terms, Obama stayed in Washington. Before he left office, however, he did set off a fuse time-bombs. 220 million time-bombs, to be precise.

Hours before President Trump was inaugurated, Secretary of State John Kerry rushed the money to the terrorists. What kind of a difference would that $221 million make? The Palestinian Authority’s Martyrs Fund budget for 2017 allocated $153 million in salaries to terrorists who had been or were imprisoned by Israel and another $190 million to the families of the terrorists.[v] The $221 million amounted to a sizable percentage of the “Pay to Slay” budget that was used to incentivize murders like these. And it paid off. The number of Israelis killed in terrorist attacks increased in 2017.[vi] The number of lone wolf attack plots rose from 400 to 1,100. And the Martyrs Fund was a key mechanism for incentivizing these attacks, assuring surviving terrorists of a generous lifetime income and, in the event of their deaths, giving them the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens, their families will be very well taken care of.

The murders of Jews funded in 2017 included the Sabbath attack on the Salomon family who were celebrating the birth of a new member of the family when an Islamic terrorist burst in with a knife and a Koran, stabbed to death seventy-year-old Yosef Salomon, wounded his wife, Tova Salomon, and murdered Chaya and Elad, Yosef’s son and daughter. “I saw two houses; from one of them I heard voices and from the other I heard laughter. So I decided to get into the one that had laughter,” Omar el-Abed, the terrorist, later explained.[vii] The Israeli Defense Ministry estimated in 2018 that the murderer, who had smiled through the trial, had been paid 12,000 NIS, and would earn as much as 12 million NIS or $3.5 million throughout his life.[viii]

The Trump Era

The stunning populist victory of Donald Trump meant a quick demise for many of Obama’s pro-terror policies. It also resulted in the destruction of the ISIS scourge, another terror spawn of Obama’s people and policies.

Obama gave guns to the rebels that morphed into ISIS.  He gave billions to Iran in 2016 and then again this year on 9-11, along with Biden, in the face of all Americans.

The Middle East blew up as a result of Obama’s policies.  It is blowing up again under Biden/Obama.  

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