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New Perspectives Show Comey Connived to Protect Obama at All Costs

Americans are sick and tired of the elites in the US getting away with crimes while average every day hard working Americans are held to a different set or rules.

The disgust with politicians in Washington who hold themselves to a different standard is boiling over. Last year during the Presidential campaign Americans at the Trump rallies screamed out ‘Drain the Swamp’ in reference to getting rid of the corruption in DC.

Americans at Trump rallies also chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ (referring to throwing Hillary Clinton in jail for her many misdeeds including the email scandal that now fired FBI Director James Comey decided to not to prosecute).

Last week in Senate Hearings fired and former FBI Director Comey admitted that he was one of swamp as he admitted to taking government information (notes he testified that he took after meeting with President Trump while he was FBI Director) and leaking parts of these notes to the press. This was a very serious ‘matter’ as some noted that his house and office should have been raided by US Marshals as soon as he admitted leaking to the press. However, to this date, Comey runs free and no actions have been taken against him although another leaker uncovered last week was put behind bars.

Note also that in Comey’s testimony he states that he leaked the information to the New York Times via his friend in hopes of prompting a special counsel. Comey did all he could to attack President Trump and put his Administration in legal jeopardy for acts that to date even Comey admits are bogus – namely that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 Presidential election.

Comey had no problem dropping all charges against the Clintons on four separate occasions in his past. His family benefitted from these actions.

Now reviewing Comey’s past testimonies in front of Congress with a new pair of glasses (knowing Comey is totally dishonest and a political player) other revelations become apparent. Namely, Comey did all he could to protect President Obama from any criminal activities that took place during his administration. Note at the 8:00 minute mark in the video below what Comey says about President Obama –

When asked by Representative Trey Gowdy whether he briefed President Obama on any calls involving General Michael Flynn, Comey responds “I am not going to get into either that particular case, that matter or conversations I had with the President. I can’t answer that.”

Comey doesn’t answer the question and he won’t. He did everything he could to protect the Clintons and Obama. Comey should be ashamed and should be investigated and held accountable for the numerous misstatements, falsehoods, leaks and criminal acts he performed and hid while working for the US government with the Clintons and for the Obama Administration.

Everything Comey did should now be investigated.

Lock him up!

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