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More on the Supreme Court’s Decision Backing Government Censorship of Free Speech

More on the Supreme Court decision allowing the government to force or influence Big Tech to censor conservatives.

Big Tech has been censoring conservatives since the 2016 Election.  It went to a whole new level after President Trump won the election.

Some of the biggest liars on the left pressured Big Tech to censor conservatives.

Then the government went on to drive Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives.  This started as bullying and then led to a consensual relationship with the government.

A report by the House Judiciary Committee on government aligned Big Tech censorship reported that the government was working with Big Tech in censoring conservative speech:

The Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government have been conducting an investigation into government-induced censorship on social media. Although the investigation is ongoing, information obtained to date has revealed that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)—an upstart agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—has facilitated the censorship of Americans directly and through third-party intermediaries.

Here is the report:

House Judiciary Report on CISA Censorship 6-26-23 by Joe Ho on Scribd

Despite the unconstitutional and illegal actions by the government in its management of Big Tech censorship, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that this is not a problem.  It did this by claiming that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing.

Attorney Jeff Clark shared this on Twitter:

The Supreme Court wrongly booted the most significant First Amendment case in U.S. history on standing grounds today, Murthy v Missouri.

And I say that as a true maven of standing doctrine.

In effect, the Supreme Court majority is requiring government-private partnerships aimed at censorship to overlap entirely. If there are situations where private censorship predates and or postdates government calls for censorship, then the majority is saying the actions should be treated as independent and therefore to frustrate satisfaction of the causation and redressability prongs of standing analysis.

And the Supreme Court majority did this even where they simultaneously acknowledged there was evidence of government collusion with Big Tech to censor COVID-related and 2020 election-related speech.

We need President Trump to be reelected not just to put in place bans on federal government censorship activity using Big Tech as their cat’s paw, but to bring enforcement actions against those violating the First Amendment.

The Judicial Branch checking out of this issue as it is postured in Murthy cannot be the final word or else censorship to maintain leftist orthodoxies about important matters like COVID and elections will continue and expand.

Note as well that this decision could not be more poorly timed. It took til 2024 to tee up the 2020 censorship for Supreme Court review. As a result, Joe Biden and his minions now have carte blanche to censor right on through the 2024 election and those violations of law could only be conceivably redressed if Trump gets back into the White House. There is an inherent lag from First Amendment injury on the one hand, to lawsuits, and winning lawsuits sustainable through appeal on the other hand.

Finally, for all these reasons, we should be able to put to rest forever the nonsense position that the Supreme Court does Trump’s bidding.

It doesn’t. But watch MSM continue their relentless attacks on the Supreme Court and its independence nonetheless.

Here is Clark’s tweet:

The Supreme Court again looked the other way yesterday by claiming there was no standing in the case where the government is censoring conservatives. This was a sad day for this country.

A definition of fascism is government censorship of the truth. The Supreme Court supported this form of government yesterday.

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