Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill Determines Biggest Issue for Missouri is Child Sex Trafficking? Wants to Protect “our kids” but Ignores Most Sex Trafficking Victims are Immigrants!

Claire McCaskill - child sex trafficking

This week Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill emailed her constituents a video promoting herself regarding the topic of child sex trafficking. She states that she is going to “keep fighting tooth and nail to protect our children and prevent these horrifying crimes from taking place in our own back yard.”

This is all fine and any efforts to protect children should be commended. However, what McCaskill ignores is that in the US, “victims of trafficking are almost exclusively immigrants, and mostly immigrant women.”  Also, “in the US, immigrant women and children are particularly vulnerable to the deceptive and coercive tactics of traffickers because of their lower levels of education, inability to speak English, immigration status, and lack of familiarity with US employment protections. Further, they are vulnerable because they often work in jobs that are hidden from the public view and unregulated by the government.”

If McCaskill really wants to stop child sex trafficking, she should support building a wall at the border, exporting illegal immigrants and fixing our totally messed up US Immigration system.

Another major problem with McCaskill emailing her constituents this self-promoting video is that she implies that child sex trafficking is the number one issue impacting her state today. She ignores Missouri issues like the fallout from Ferguson and the declining enrollment at the University of Missouri as a result of Black Lives Matter protests.  She also ignores increased healthcare costs to Missourians as a result of insurers leaving the state due to Obamacare, the horrible health care mandate pushed into law by Democrats only, including McCaskill.

McCaskill also ignores the slowing US economy, the massive federal debt, the record number of people on food stamps, ISIS, the dismantling of the military, trade issues killing jobs, etc.

It’s a shame Democrat Senator McCaskill chooses to promote herself rather than truly help Missouri residents.

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