Hillary’s Gamble Didn’t See Guccifer Coming! Did Guccifer Provide Hacked Hillary Emails to Investigators? | Joe Hoft


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Hillary’s Gamble Didn’t See Guccifer Coming! Did Guccifer Provide Hacked Hillary Emails to Investigators?

Hillary Clinton

Any individuals with government experience with top secret information could tell you that they are repeatedly reminded to take good care of the information that crosses their path to ensure it is well protected. This is repeated over and over.  Someone with the security clearance like the one Hillary Clinton had while Secretary of State would have surely known that classified information was to be maintained on government servers and that any information even the least bit classified should be handled with care and be confined to well-protected environments, like government servers.  The fact that Mrs. Clinton even decided to house government related emails on her personal server was incomprehensible.  The fact that she then decided to cover this up and prevent access to her server may very well be illegal.

One challenge for the government in their investigation of Mrs. Clinton is to determine whether Secretary Clinton handed over all her emails to authorities after she said she did. Clinton’s lawyers admitted that Clinton’s drive was wiped clean after it was requested from the Department of Justice and before being handed over. There must be legal consequences to this action but Clinton evidently determined that these consequences were less than the alternative if her emails were provided to government authorities.  Hillary seems to be gambling that the FBI will not be able to retrieve the deleted contents of the drive. This gamble seemed like a good one for Clinton until recently.

The Associated Press reported in October 2015 that “Hillary Clinton’s private email server maintained in her home while serving as secretary of State was possibly hacked by Russia-tied authorities, and others, on five separate occasions.” This is why government authorities are required to maintain their emails on government servers.

The AP report noted that investigators discovered among Clinton’s cache of released emails malicious software aimed at transmitting data to three overseas computers, including at least one in Russia.

Recently separate reports noted that Romanian computer hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel (Guccifer) had indeed hacked Clinton’s emails. It’s also been reported that Russia cracked into Hillary’s server as well.

Guccifer was transported to the US where he was questioned by the FBI and just this week he plead guilty to the crimes he committed related to hacking into others’ servers illegally.  When discussing Clinton’s email server, Guccifer claimed that it was “completely unsecured”, which he compared to “an open orchid on the internet.”

Guccifer was able to bargain a plea deal with the government. It is unknown what the deal entailed.  If Guccifer did hack into Clinton’s private server and if the kept the contents of the emails he took from her server, then Hillary could have a major problem she hadn’t gambled on.  If he was able to provide investigators copies of Clinton’s emails not already provided by Clinton, then Hillary is in a whole lot of trouble.  If there are criminal acts recorded in these emails she is in more trouble.

It looks like Hillary had not counted on someone else having her emails. This is why she should have protected them on a government server!




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