Mar-a-Lago is Worth at Least $300 Million More than Radical Nutjob Judge’s Assessment | Joe Hoft


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Mar-a-Lago is Worth at Least $300 Million More than Radical Nutjob Judge’s Assessment

Mar a Lago

The crazy radical Manhattan judge undervalued President Trump’s iconic home Mar-a-Lago by $320 million or 95% in order to make a case against the President. 

Radical Leftist New York Judge Arthur Engoron believes he is also a commercial property appraiser.

Another Deranged Whacko New York Judge Makes Unjust Political Decision Against President Trump

Judge Ergoron claimed his property expertise as the reason for keeping the BS case in place.  The state’s commercial courts should be handling this but the radical biased and conflicted corrupt Democrat judge wanted to assess Mar-a-Lago himself.

This is outrageous.

The Daily Mail, no friend of President Trump, even reported on the BS assessment from this radical judge.

Donald Trump‘s stunning Mar-a-Lago estate is worth $282million more than the $18million valuation it was given by Manhattan judge who held ex president liable for fraud, a Palm Beach realtor said.

Democrat Justice Arthur Engoron valued the sprawling 20-acre Florida property at a mere $18million in a bombshell ruling that said the former president inflated the value of his wealth.  

Engoron used a Palm Beach Assessor valuation that ranged the 128-room property from $18 million to $28 million between 2011 and 2021. It was valued at $160million by Forbes in 2018, and $350million in an assessment in March 2022.

And a relator from the area said it’s likely worth more than $300million, and Trump himself estimated the property could be worth up to $700million. He slammed the judge today and said it’s worth ‘100 times more than he values it.’

The formal assessment does not take into consideration the fair market value – nor does it explain how Trump’s estate has only increased in value by $8million since he bought it for $10million 38 years ago…

…A two-acre lot, located just minutes from Mar-a-Lago, is currently listed for $150 million. Many have questioned therefore how Trump’s home – which is 10 times bigger – could be worth 157 percent less.

Marjorie Taylor Greene had something to say about the corrupt and crazy judge on X.

A Democrat activist posing as a judge ruled Mar-a-lago’s value down to $18 million, which is a complete LIE.

Democrats are so jealous of President Trump’s extraordinary success, they will do anything to destroy him, even weaponizing judges benches against him and his great family.

Mar-a-lago sits on the most premier location in Palm Beach County on 20 BEAUTIFUL waterfront acres built out in spectacular fashion.

Not to mention it functions as one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

Mar-a-lago’s value is far more than real estate and buildings, beautiful ones at that, it’s one of many Trump extremely successful businesses, which sets it’s value extremely high!

That Democrat activist judge wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

The libs lie and defame and commit horrendous crimes.  

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