Legal Expert in Israel Can See the Trump Trial Was a Farce and “A Disgusting Corruption of American Justice” | Joe Hoft


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Legal Expert in Israel Can See the Trump Trial Was a Farce and “A Disgusting Corruption of American Justice”

President Trump Before Trial Day 1 in NYC

The Trump Trial was a “Disgusting Corruption of American Justice” says Israeli attorney Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer.

In an opinion piece at Israeli National News, Rabbi Dov Fischer writes the following:

As my readers know, I practiced law at three of America’s most prominent law firms, clerked for one of America’s most prominent federal appeals court judges, and was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review. I also was a law professor for 16 years. By now, I know American law quite well. And I am a refugee from New York City, Brooklyn born and bred, Columbia University brainwashed and reeducated. I know that town and its players.

As so many others have noted, inter alia:

1. Even if President Trump had committed business fraud, it would have been a misdemeanor, and the limitations statute had run. The reasons for statutes of limitation are: (i) after a period of time, memories fade; (ii) after enough time, evidence innocently gets misplaced and lost; and (iii) at some point, every person is entitled to repose, peace of mind. You can’t have anyone, even if a tortfeasor, who commits a wrongful deed at his or her age 25 and then gets served with papers for that malfeasance at age 85. There comes a point in time where, if the government has not acted, time is up. That is a flip-side derivative of the premise that justice delayed is justice denied. It works both ways. So any misdemeanor alleged against President Trump for the “hush money” paperwork was irrelevant.

2. To salvage the reality that the paperwork was time-expired, the New York George Soros District Attorney tried absurdly to link the “hush money” payment to a federal crime that is not time-limited.

3. At no point did the D.A. tell anyone exactly what the federal crime was. Everyone was in the dark throughout the trial. He did not specify it in the indictment or at trial. This is itself dirty. It is straight out of the days of the NKVD (later the KGB) in the Soviet Union: “Arrest the guy meantime; we’ll figure out the crime soon.” Or Lavrentiy Beria: “Show me the man; I’ll show you the crime.”

4. The Soros D.A. ran for office in a rabidly anti-Trump Manhattan county on a promise to get Trump. This is evil: “If you vote for me, I will bring about this one man’s personal destruction.”

5. The jury pool was taken from that wildly anti-Trump county…

6. To convict President Trump of a crime not named, but commonly assumed to be tied to whether he sought to support his presidential election campaign by secretly mischaracterizing a “hush money” payment to a hooker-stripper, the hooker was put on the stand. She then described her supposed tryst with Mr. Trump in vivid detail. None of that had any relevance to the charges in the case. He was not being accused of hiring a hooker. But the testimony was allowed in to prejudice the jury. The jury was being asked to believe this hooker who, by any definition of English, makes her money by having no shame and violating all morality in exchange for money.

She already knew from experience that, if she claims she dallied with Trump, she immediately could garner $130,000 in cash regardless of the veracity or mendacity of her claim. She therefore knew from experience that, if she suddenly is accorded a spotlight that will bring her to worldwide notoriety, she can ensure herself untold hundreds of thousands more if she describes in lurid detail on her world stage a seedy encounter with Trump. She will sell her story to magazines, to someone who writes a book that she “co-authors,” and to a movie producer who will pay her a fortune for the opportunity to put out a film that has a scene where an actor in boxer shorts lies on a bed with a naked prostitute.

Think of all the money that will make at the box office! And worldwide rights. And streaming. And residuals. She knows her world. She knows her customers. The jury is asked to believe that her description of a tryst with Mr. Trump is Pure Truth, with no motivation for her to lie. And, again, her entire testimony has no pertinence to the case. But she hates him and wants to hurt him, and he called her a “dogface,” and she owes Trump $620,000 from a prior court judgment that she has made clear she will not pay (although, if she does make big money off her trial testimony, ironically Trump finally will be able to collect his half million by attachment. A fitting O. Henry twist, if ever.)

7. Ultimately, to convict President Trump, the jury was asked to believe the “Greatest Liar of All Time.” If you remember Tommy Flanagan, the Jon Lovitz character from the old days of “Saturday Night Live” when the show was funny, he played an inveterate pathological liar. But that was for laughs. Michael Cohen actually exists. He lied to Congress. He went to prison for fraud. When he wasn’t lying, he was stealing and embezzling from the Trump business. They gave him $50,000 to remit to a contractor, Red Finch, and he gave them only $20,000, pocketing the rest.

That scheme was like the premise of the movie “Fargo,” where Jerry Lundegaard arranges for his wife to be kidnaped with a ransom demand, tries to get his skinflint father-in-law to cough up the demanded ransom and, without the kidnappers knowing, falsely tells the father-in-law an inflated ransom demand — more than he arranged for the kidnapers to ask for. His plan is to get the elevated ransom money from the skinflint, to pay the kidnapers the amount they asked for, and to pocket the excess for himself. (Of course the plan goes awry.)

Alas, here in the Manhattan Kangaroo Courtroom, it is Michael Cohen, not movie makers Ethan and Joel Coen, and he is caught Red-Finch-handed right on the witness stand. He’s a liar, a crook, an embezzler. The jury is expected to believe that this pathological liar curiously is telling the truth when he claims that President Trump plotted to hide the “hush money” payment as a concealed campaign contribution. Cohen admits, by the way, not only that he embezzled from Trump but also that he hates Trump personally, and he hopes that, by gaining notoriety and name recognition, he can run for and be elected to Congress.

8. Next, the “judge.” He clearly hates Trump. His daughter makes millions by promoting her anti-Trump merchandise. He threatens to throw a pro-Trump witness in jail because he doesn’t like the way the witness is looking at him. (Have you ever been jailed for smirking? Rolling your eyes?) He threatens to throw President Trump in jail for communicating his feelings about the farce transpiring. He listens to the hooker’s lurid descriptions, as does the jury, and then he says essentially “Oops! I guess they should not have heard that. My bad.” He does not allow key Trump defense witnesses to testify fully in their areas of expertise, such as an actual federal elections officer who can testify for the jury expertly as to why Trump’s expenditure did not impinge on federal election law.

This “judge” routinely sustains prosecution objections while denying defense objections. Everything about the case and the way he oversaw it smelled of mendacity and corruption.

This “case” was — and is — part of a sustained multi-state Democrat strategy to conduct lawfare — i.e., warfare through the legal system — in a desperate effort to exhaust Trump, exhaust his energy, exhaust his finances, and to keep him off the campaign trail. It is the entire power of the United States of America leveled to destroy one specific man.

There is much more.  See link above.

The whole world knows what is going on in the US.  Most Americans know.

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