KUDLOW: Corrupt DOJ Prosecutor David Weiss’s Indictment Against Hunter Covers Up Biden Crimes Till After Election | Joe Hoft


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KUDLOW: Corrupt DOJ Prosecutor David Weiss’s Indictment Against Hunter Covers Up Biden Crimes Till After Election

Hunter Weiss

Democrat Federal Prosecutor David Weiss just handed the Bidens the cover they needed to cover up their many seditious crimes till at least after the 2024 Election. 

The indictment of Hunter Biden this past week by the corrupt DOJ prosecutor David Weiss didn’t lock them up, it set the Bidens free.

Larry Kudlow explained this all on his show on FOX this week.

Here is what Kudlow said:

All right, folks, from what I can gather, conservatives are rejoicing over the nine charges filed in the 56-page grand jury indictment against the president’s son, Hunter Biden, filed by federal prosecutor David Weiss and it’s a pretty seamy indictment, as Jonathan [Hunt] just said. I’m not sure Hunter’s not too happy about this, and I’m sure his father is not thrilled about it either.

Okay. I get that. But speaking as a non-lawyer, really just as a poor, impoverished news host, I’m not so sure about this alleged Christmas present, because now Hunter is going to use this as an excuse to avoid any private deposition under oath before any the congressional oversight or judicial or Ways and Means committees or worst case, he’ll take the fifth if he has to go up there. But what he will not be forced to do is to reveal all the details of the alleged influence peddling and bribery crimes that might just happen to come up in a discussion about his failure to register as a foreign agent.

May I italicize that foreign agent part? Because the Weiss indictment didn’t include that for some reason, maybe an oversight. The whole world knows that Poppa Biden was involved with his son’s business. That is way too easy now, but the world doesn’t yet know precisely how he was involved and Hunter ain’t going to talk about that because he’s already been busted for not paying his taxes, right. Since, if he just got busted for three felonies and six misdemeanors, and yes he could go to jail for 17-years, and no, Hunter, he’s not going to have any fun in jail, but he won’t go to Capitol Hill either…

…I mean, I can just imagine the phone calls between Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland: Look, we’ve got to do something here because these IRS whistleblowers made such a strong case and Judge Noriega in Wilmington blew up the first phony deal beyond repair, so let’s protect their ultimate boss, Joe, by throwing Hunter under the bus just for a little while, put him on ice for the rest of the election period.

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