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Joe Biden Getting Pushed Out – Michelle Obama Believed to Be His Replacement

It’s more and more clear Joe Biden is on his way out.  Michelle Obama is believed to be his replacement. 

This weekend it appeared certain that the Biden-Obama Administration is coming to an end.  This third term of Obama that was taken from the American people in the 2020 Election steal and awarded to Biden is over.

Far-left media mouthpiece and shill, John Karl noted this weekend that Americans are done with Biden.  He wouldn’t report this unless his superiors in the Deep State Biden-Obama administration allowed him to.

Chuck Todd also followed the lead and shared that Biden is in terrible shape.

Biden stumbled and made a mockery of himself and this country in Vietnam over the weekend as well.

Those who believe that they run this country for their benefit, who believe they select leaders, not the people are done with Biden.  They have moved on.

The question is “who is their replacement?”

Roger Stone believes he knows who the Deep State Obamas want in the White House – none other than Michelle (Michael) Obama.

These people are grotesque.  They want to burn this country down. 

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