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It’s Official – The Mainstream Media is Dead – Not One MSM Outlet Reporting on Biggest News Story Ever

The mainstream media is officially dead, over, finished. Not one MSM outlet is reporting on the coup d’état that the deep state, Mueller and the Democrats are hoping takes place. Not one reports on the massive corruption and criminal acts taking place at the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies. The MSM doesn’t just not report accurately, it has become the biggest player in the destruction of America!

Recently Lou Dobbs and former UN Ambassador John Bolton discussed the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt and Barack Obama’s latest tour across Asia to attack sitting President Trump.

Ambassador Bolton: They are trying to prove the administration is illegitimate.

Lou Dobbs: That’s what you can see.

Ambassador Bolton: They are the ones who are illegitimate… The Wall Street Journal says this is the first coup d’état in American History. It’s a mini coup d’état but it goes right along with the idea that they should have won the election. And one recalls the famous scene in the debate where during the debates where, I believe it was Chris Wallace, who asked both candidates if you lose will you accept the result…

Now after nearly a year of Trump’s Presidency, the FBI and the DOJ are in shambles. There is no trust in these entities and certainly no trust in the Mueller investigation that is filled with former Obama and Clinton FBI and DOJ lackeys. The US cannot survive with these two institutions so badly corrupted! And yet, the MSM is totally ignoring this major scandal.

NBC News didn’t mention a thing about Mueller’s team covering up the FBI investigation into Uranium One at the time Obama and Hillary sold 20 percent of US uranium to the Russians.

The only MSM outlet that even mentions Mueller is CNN. Their opinion piece makes their front page at the bottom. However….

Proving that they hold the title all alone for FAKE News, their ‘Opinion piece’ from a far left writer at the ultra far left Daily Beast, makes fun of FOX news and anyone who dares think that Mueller is a crook –

Outrage! That’s what we saw from some Fox News on-air personalities this past week. So why the Fox freak-out? Simple: Robert Mueller’s investigation.

In response to the investigation heating up, Fox News gave us a synchronized display of the same talking points — all designed to undermine Mueller and help Donald Trump. These Fox News personalities truly seem more outraged at Mueller than at the Russian government for attacking our democracy!

CNN and the rest of the MSM continue to spin the fake news story of the year that Russia stole the election by helping President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election. With no evidence to date to support such a grand scheme, they daily push this insane and evil plot. Their efforts are all to replace the individual elected to the Presidency. To hell with Hillary’s emails, the IRS scandal, the four dead Americans in Benghazi, American’s health care, the record setting stock market Trump created, tax relief for Americans etc., etc., etc….

These people make a living out of destroying Americans’ minds so they can destroy this country by pushing some of the craziest fake news in American history while covering up for their fellow criminals working on the Mueller team and throughout the deep state.

We know DC Is corrupt. We now know that the FBI is corrupt at the top. We know that the DOJ is as well. Mueller’s team is treasonous. But perhaps no group is as dishonest and evil as our MSM.

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