Internet Research Psychologist: Google Search Results Can Sway US Elections by Millions of Voters by Pushing Fake News for the Left | Joe Hoft


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Internet Research Psychologist: Google Search Results Can Sway US Elections by Millions of Voters by Pushing Fake News for the Left

Dr. Robert Epstein was in front of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution on Tuesday. His analysis of the impact of Google on US elections is frightening.

Dr. Epstein discussed Google’s real threat to democracy. Something we have been saying at the Gateway Pundit for years –

Dr. Epstein is a Democrat yet he shared his observations knowing the impact on the US –

To no one’s surprise Google’s search results were in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election –

Very few people can detect the bias (we certainly can) –

Biased search results can alter the opinion of millions (without Google and the MSM Hillary would have gotten beat 100,000,000 to 0 ) –

On election day 2016 Google helped Hillary obtain up to an estimated 4.6 million more votes –

Google helped Democrats in the 2018 election through biased results as well –

Google likely has determined elections (except 2016) since 2015 –

Google is much more effective than ads –

Google basically determines what you read –

Elections are not free and fair due to Google –

The only way conservatives win is to eliminate voter fraud and have candidates that are so incredible (i.e. Donald Trump) with all the right positions that they cannot lose (no one could have beaten Hillary other than Trump) –

Bets are that most Republican politicians have no idea what is going on. Many are riding the Trump wave and think that they won because of their personal charisma or policies. In reality, many were carried by Trump. To this day however many Republicans don’t support the greatest President in our lifetime who is able to withstand more attacks from more angles than any politician in history. In spite of the Mueller witch hunt, Speakers Ryan and Pelosi, Obama Judges, the highly corrupt FBI, DOJ, State Department and CIA, the Deep State crooks in all government agencies, the horribly biased media and socials, Trump is not just surviving, but he’s thriving.

The issue with Google that Dr. Epstein doesn’t even address is its use of web ads. Google places top paying ads with liberals and low paying ads with conservatives (if any at all). Conservatives are labeled “undesirables” by Google and targeted in their pocket book. Google is getting away with this as well.

Many conservative websites have had to shut down due to loss of traffic from the socials and loss of revenues from Google and Facebook in web ads. It is absolutely a must that this be addressed.

If the far left bias of social behemoths is not addressed, democracy and independence will soon be gone. Bets are that most Americans don’t want Rep. Ilhan Omar determining what they read!

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