Ignoring the Law and Facts, Crooked Jack Smith Says that President Trump’s Handling of Classified Records Worse Than Biden’s | Joe Hoft


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Ignoring the Law and Facts, Crooked Jack Smith Says that President Trump’s Handling of Classified Records Worse Than Biden’s

America is in the hands of criminals and madmen.  

Crooked Jack Smith ignores the law to claim that President Trump was worse than Biden in his handling of classified documents.

Julie Kelly pointed out more Jack Smith lies.

NEW: Jack Smith’s latest filing in classified docs case.

Laughably insists Trump’s case of retaining classified docs is way worse than Biden’s–even tho Biden had a lot more classified records; stored them at numerous locations in accessible areas of his house and Penn Biden Center; held top secret files on foreign adversaries including Iraq, China, and Iran and files on Afghanistan war; had been admonished in 2010 about reckless handling of classified papers as VP; had a history of failing to return classified records; didn’t begin a search for classified material in his possession until THE SAME DAY his DOJ issued a subpoena in May 2022 against Trump for more records; shared classified records with his ghostwriter who then DELETED RECORDINGS with Biden; appeared to block another FBI search at Delaware home btw Dec 2022 and Jan 2023; did not want to hand over his notebooks containing classified papers and notes.


The problem with this entire argument is that Joe Biden stole the documents in his possession because he had no legal right to have these documents in his possession.  It was criminal for Biden to hold classified documents in his possession while a Senator and a VP under corrupt Obama.

President Trump however had the Presidential Records Act.  This law allows the President to obtain whatever documents he wants to take after leaving the White House.  President Trump had the legal right to all the documents in his possession and he kept them all under lock and key while Secret Service and personal body guards protected Mar-a-Lago where they were maintained.

This is all night and day.

President Trump Shares the Truth About the Presidential Records Act – He Did Nothing Wrong

This court case should never have been put on the books.  The judge should throw it out today.  The real reason that Mar-a-Lago was raided, many suspect, is because the Biden/Obama Administration wanted to steal documents from President Trump that outlined the many crimes they committed against President Trump.

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