If Lindsey Graham, Alyssa Milano, the MSM and Democrats Protest to Keep Mueller – FIRE HIM NOW!! | Joe Hoft


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If Lindsey Graham, Alyssa Milano, the MSM and Democrats Protest to Keep Mueller – FIRE HIM NOW!!

Former Head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, is under pressure. His many corrupt actions in the past are catching up to him. He has more conflicts of interest with the Trump-Russia fake collusion story as the days go by. The man is simply corrupt due to his prior criminal actions, his dealings with Uranium One, and his refusal to recuse himself from the corrupt witch hunt he is currently on. The Wall Street Journal and many Republicans are calling called for his recusal or resignation from the kangaroo court he oversees and the President’s Chief of Staff, General John Kelly has called for a special investigation Uranium One, the deal Mueller’s FBI investigated that was squashed by Mueller.

On the other hand, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stated on FOX yesterday that he sees no reason to remove Robert Mueller from the criminal and corrupt Trump – Russia investigation. Graham also said in July that President Trump would have ‘holy hell to pay’ if he removed corrupt AG Jeff Sessions from office. Graham was destroyed by President Trump in the primaries and he is certainly no fan of the President’s.

Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted last week –

If they fire Mueller, we take to the streets. Pass it on.

CNBC and other mainstream media (MSM) outlets are clear in their opinion that Trump cannot fire Mueller stating in a column from two days ago – “Trump would be ‘impeached the next day if he tried to remove Mueller’ now, says former federal prosecutor

Democrats are outraged at the thought of President Trump firing the corrupt former Head of the FBI, Mueller, stating in an article in the Atlantic, “Democrats Warn Trump: Leave Mueller Alone“.

Based on who is calling for Mueller’s recusal and/or firing and who is calling for him to stay – it is very clear – Mueller needs to be fired immediately! He then needs to be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned. He is a very dirty cop!

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