Deep State and Democrat Nightmare – Far Left Groups Flocking to Trump as Assaults to His Presidency Continue | Joe Hoft


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Deep State and Democrat Nightmare – Far Left Groups Flocking to Trump as Assaults to His Presidency Continue

This is not going as the criminal elites expected. The more the mainstream media (MSM) attacks President Trump, the more his base grows. Anyone who attacks the President signs their own death warrant – whether it be the 16 other candidates in 2016 primaries, unstoppable Hillary Clinton, the NFL, Obama and his policies, deep state, etc…

Now as deep state and their Democrat complex and the MSM continue to attack the President – far left groups are getting on the Trump Train!

After Hillary and the deep state and the MSM stole the Democrat primaries from Bernie Sanders, many flocked to Trump and eventually helped him win the election. Some of my very close family members were Bernie supporters and never were going to vote for Hillary after the corrupt nature that she stole the election from Bernie. (Remember that without the super delegates Bernie would have beaten Hillary.) Now these same Bernie supporters are behind Trump. They see the attacks he is under and they have now realized that he is the answer to stopping the global elites and the corrupt Democrats and elitist Republicans in Washington.

An example of this is the far left LaRouche movement. This group has traditionally been far left and was singled out and persecuted for their leader’s beliefs that there was a better way of engaging the world than through the IMF and World Bank which keep poor countries burdened with debt. A recent article by this group is titled, Robert Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He will do his job if you let him.

The LaRouche group presents their case that Mueller has been a dirty cop for a long time including his actions in framing the LaRouche group in the 1980’s for false charges, covering up Saudi relationships with the 9-11 terrorists, taking down Enron and Arthur Anderson by charging accountants with obstruction of justice, and now his many corrupt and criminal actions in trying to take out President Trump.

LaRouche paper itemizes the many recent corrupt actions that Mueller is involved in, including the creation of the dossier, the Russian hack of DNC emails that wasn’t, the Trump Tower meeting and entrapping Trump’s campaign, Obama’s final days and the many felonious leaks, Comey’s attempt to blackmail the President, Trump calling out Comey and others for wiretapping him and them lying about it to Congress, and the Comey firing and entrapping the President with the fake Russia investigation.

The piece from LaRouche ends with this –

Those familiar with the relationship between Comey and Robert Mueller describe them as “joined at the hip,” “cut from the same cloth” (can’t help thinking of the Union Jack), close personal friends, and mentor (Mueller) to mentee (Comey). The problem with this relationship is that Department of Justice conflict guidelines specifically bar prosecutors (Mueller) from investigating issues where close friends (Comey) have a significant role, such as material witnesses. Official Washington knows all of this and yet touts this investigation as somehow “independent,” “apolitical,” and “unconflicted.”

More and more Americans are waking up to see the failing attempts by the left to undermine and destroy this President who has already given so much for his country. The good news is the left wing walls are crumbling and the President destroys those who attack him. Their days in office and free from behind bars are now numbered.

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