Georgia Appeals Court Suspends Fani Willis RICO Case – This Is Why Merchan Was Stuck! | Joe Hoft


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Georgia Appeals Court Suspends Fani Willis RICO Case – This Is Why Merchan Was Stuck!

Fani Willis

The Georgia Court of Appeals freezes Corrupt Soros-Backed Fani Willis case in Georgia.  This is why Merchan was stuck and had to proceed with this BS case against President Trump. 

The corrupt Fani Willis case is frozen:

The Georgia Court of Appeals has temporarily frozen former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial proceedings while it considers his appeal aimed at disqualifying Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Trump’s team claimed that Willis should not handle the case due to her relationship with a senior prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

The pause in the trial, detailed by a one-page ruling issued on Wednesday, virtually ensures that the trial will not proceed before this year’s election. “The proceedings below in the Superior Court of Fulton County are hereby stayed pending the outcome of these appeals,” the court filing reads.

With oral arguments tentatively set for October, the trial is expected to be postponed until after the presidential election.

The Fani Willis case is toast.

Willis had an affair with her chief prosecutor and he was removed from the case.  It is very likely that Willis will be removed as well.  This may end the entire BS case unless Georgia can find another DA who will prosecute this case.

Without any more cheating President Trump will win the 2024 Election in a landslide and this case will die anyways.

The DC case under corrupt Obama judge Chutkan is also likely to fall apart after the Supreme Court addresses presidential immunity.  This will also impact the Florida case which is in ruins.

Jack Smith’s appointment is in question in Florida and the Supreme Court may address his unconstitutional appointment as well.

This is why the Democrats had to push through the corrupt judge Merchan case, arguably the worst case ever in any American court.

Knowing all their corrupt, unconstitutional, and criminal cases and activities were falling apart, the corrupt Biden/Obama gang moved forward with the Merchan scam which will be overturned as well. 

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