George Kelly Is An Innocent Man Who Was Set Up in Border Homicide Case | Joe Hoft


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George Kelly Is An Innocent Man Who Was Set Up in Border Homicide Case

Arizona rancher George Kelly is an innocent man.  He was wrongly accused of a murder where there was no evidence the dead body he found on his property was killed using Kelly’s gun. 

Rosie Memos reports on the case:

The George A. Kelly case is worse than you think. Departments we depend on to protect us, went out of their way to prosecute George based on the hand crafted “testimony” from a twice convicted foreign gun runner… and it only gets worse from there.

George and Wanda, his wife, were eating lunch inside their ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. They heard a shot, looked up and saw a group of armed migrants on their land. George quickly told Wanda to hide, called Border patrol for help and fired warning shots in the air.

Border patrol came to the property, searched the whole area and found nothing. Later that night George went to check on his old horse and to his horror, found a body. He immediately called law enforcement.

The body was that of Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, who had multiple arrests for illegal crossings. No bullet or weapon was ever found on or near the body.

The next day George was charged with first degree murder and an unprecedented bail of $1 million was set. From that point on the case has never been about facts, instead it’s turned into a political argument. Mr. Kelly is innocent, it’s time to give him his life back and stop making this a battle about the border.

Sherriff Hathaway has some issues. He’s a leftist who has no problems telling lies.

There were no forensics performed in this case. How did they prove Kelly was even involved in the shooting.

Last week Kelly’s case ended in a mistrial.  

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