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French Presidential Election Eerily Similar to US Election: Will Le Pen Win?

The election for the new French Prime Minister is eerily similar to the recent US Presidential election in many ways.

The candidates mirror the US election. Marine Le Pen is similar to Donald Trump in being an anti-globalist, nationalist who is strong on immigration. Her contender for the Presidency, Emmanuel Macron, is a globalist with ties to the EU’s globalist agenda.

Per Paul Joseph Watson, Macron is no outsider (warning on language):

Like candidate Clinton in the US election in 2016, damaging emails from the far left globalist candidate Macron, were released shortly before the election. Also, similar to the main stream media in the US, the media in France is not reporting what is in the emails.

Current opinion polls show Macron leading by more than 20% in polling. This is eerily similar to the polls in the US before the November election. See Huffington Post’s grossly inaccurate prediction as an example.

However, there is evidence that the polls may be incorrect. Like pointed out by us before the US election, one indicator of a candidate’s potential for winning is the number of people that show up to their rallies. Le Pen like President Trump is filling stadiums, while Macron, like Hillary Clinton can’t pay people to show up.

Another indicator of who will win the French election is related to which way the punters are betting. Most bets since the primary election are for Le Pen.

We are no experts in French politics and so it is difficult to make a prediction on who will win. However, this may end up being another election where the common man overlooks the media and votes for the candidate with the best policies for her country.

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