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Report: Leaked Macron Email Contains Secret Plans for Islamization of France and the EU

A large trove of emails purporting to be from the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was posted online late on Friday, 1-1/2 days before voters go to the polls to choose the country’s next president in a run-off with Marine Le Pen. The data was posted by a user called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, a document-sharing site that allows anonymous posting.

Although French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron at first denied that the massive 9.9 Gigabyte dump of emails were legitimate, the campaign later confirmed the authenticity of the emails.

The 9.9 Gigs of emails, outlining some very sketchy deals by the presidential candidate, were uploaded to Pastebin a document sharing site – SEE HERE – Initially no-one was able to confirm the authenticity, and the campaign of Macron denied. WikiLeaks began an attempt to authenticate the release.

Now it is being reported that one of the emails contains secret plans for the Islamization of France and Europe. The plans are shown in a Powerpoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne. Harmonizing education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean is one of the key objectives.

Create a common history textbook with Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in historical perspective the mutual contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Within the 3+3 framework, we recommend the creation of a commission of historians responsible for drawing up a common history textbook. The aim of this work will be:

-to create a common base of objective historical knowledge founded on the logic of a historical “draw” [stalemate]

– to develop a sense of belonging to a common history

– to reduce the fantasies of victimization on one side as well as civilizational superiority on the other

The document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This is justified by with the claim that Muslims are currently getting their “Arabic fix” from mosques, where they risk being radicalized.

The website Diversity Macht Frei posted the emails in question with a translation of what is being presented. God only knows what other emails in the data dump will provide. Unfortunately, the French voters go to the polls today.

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