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FREAK SHOW: Lunatic Judge and Racist AG Leticia James – “I’ve Never Seen Anything More Inappropriate in my Life”

A video of the New York court room shows an absolute freak show.

The judge in the case looks like a total lunatic. Smiling for the camera and damn near bowing.  He looks insane.

An expert shares his thoughts on this grotesque abuse of the legal system.

Look at this image of the judge.  I’ve never seen anything more inappropriate in my life.   This judge smiling like that cat that got the canary here because his political wish has come true so far in this case.  But this is a legally baseless order that he has already entered.  We know what he is going to do after the fact.  It’s going to be more legally baseless arguments and decisions from this judge that I am confident after the day will be reversed.

See below.

Racist radical communist New York AG Letitia James sits and stares angrily at President Trump.

President Judge shared his thoughts before hand.

“And somebody has to fight, because if you don’t fight our country is just going to go down the tubes.”

All involved in this BS indictment should be in jail.  

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