EXCLUSIVE: To Ensure Free and Fair Elections There Must be a Focus on ROOT CAUSES and CONTROLS | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: To Ensure Free and Fair Elections There Must be a Focus on ROOT CAUSES and CONTROLS

The answer to making American votes count again is to do all we are doing while focusing on the root causes and related controls. 

On this 4th of July, I sit here watching the Atlantic waves crashing peacefully on the Florida shore thanking God for this great country.  Ironically, also am grateful that I used my skillset earned after decades of schooling and practice to outline the many issues with the 2020 Election as described in my recent interview with Roger Stone.

I’m also grateful for taking the time and looking into the 2020 Election “Steal” and putting the reasons for why it was stolen in three books that are tops at Amazon right now:

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But on this 4th of July, I am really scared that the 2024 Election will have the same results as the 2020 Election.

There are many individuals – heroes actually – who are pushing initiatives to save the 2024 Election.

Scott Pressler is out increasing the inventory of voters who will vote in the upcoming election.  His work is heroic and selfless.  His goal is to sign up as many new Republican voters as possible and encourage them to vote early in the upcoming elections.

But President Trump received more votes than anyone in history in 2020, crushing Barack Obama’s record of 69 million votes in 2008.  This is why millions of Americans believe the 2020 Election was stolen which is supported by evidence in my books noted above.

Many people believe that the corrupt Democrats stole the election with made-up ballots.  Jay Valentine has created a vehicle to identify invalid voter files in voter rolls so they can be eliminated.  Cleaning voter rolls is a necessary and great initiative.  Jay should be commended.

This is great and necessary.  We need to start with clean voter rolls. But will it prevent Democrats from stealing legitimate GOP votes?

Former Michigan Senator, author, and engineer Patrick Colbeck believes in saving free and fair elections by focusing on multiple areas, including ballot harvesting, voter roll cleanup, and more. He too is doing valiant work.

2024 Election Integrity: What Can We Do?

There are millions of heroes in America right now who are doing all they can to save this country by working on ensuring a 2024 win like Scott, Jay, and Patrick.

But my concerns with all these efforts surround root causes and controls. 

What I have learned as a professional auditor performing audits around the globe is that the key to fixing problems is to identify the true root causes and the controls that will prevent issues from occurring in the future. 

This is the role of management around the world when ensuring financials are accurate, processes are sound, repetitive and doable, and systems are secure, accurate, and working as intended.

There are many examples and some problems are complex.  A man may miss work and lose his job because he can’t make it to work on time.  There may be many reasons for this but perhaps the root cause is that he’s an alcoholic who stays out late drinking and can’t get up after his late-night drunkenness.  Finding another job is likely only a temporary fix.  He needs to deal with his alcoholism – the root cause of his missing work.

The same goes for elections.

We must take a look at the root causes of election issues.  For example, cleaning up voter rolls is good and must be done but how do we prevent voter rolls from being contaminated with fake voters in the future?  Moving the voter rolls from ERIC is a good and necessary step.

Detective controls like periodically looking for records in voter rolls related to phantom voters are great.  They must be done.

But we must ask how did the names get there in the first place?  Preventative controls are what we must be focused on.  These types of controls will prevent the phantom votes from making it into the voter rolls in the first place.

It might be that new election technology that very few individuals are talking about to date is the key.   Companies like BPro, KNOWiNK, and more have voter roll modules.  Are individuals using this software given free rein to add names to voter rolls?  Are these systems connected to ERIC?  Are bad actors given access?

If we want to save free and fair elections we must win and to do that we must identify the root causes of the many issues in our election processes and implement preventative controls so that we can prevent fraud in our future elections. 

We have to implement preventative controls because after the election is stolen we will not be able to save it. 



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