EXCLUSIVE: In Addition to Recent Halderman “Pen Hack” in GA, Remember There Were Also Severe Voting Machine Vulnerabilities Identified in Colorado | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: In Addition to Recent Halderman “Pen Hack” in GA, Remember There Were Also Severe Voting Machine Vulnerabilities Identified in Colorado

See SelectionCode to learn more about the Tina Peters story.

Remember that there were issues identified with voting machines in Colorado too.

On Friday, Jan 19th, Professor and Election Expert J. Alex Halderman stunned Judge Amy Totenberg’s Courtroom by quickly hacking into a Dominion Voting Machine with only a pen.  This demonstration was live proof of the vulnerabilities identified in his now famous report. 

Professor Halderman’s report and demonstration are a powerful statement on how the National Security of our Country hangs by a thread, and completely depends upon zero nefarious access to our voting equipment. 

Professor Halderman showed how vulnerable our Election Equipment is to anyone with malintent.  But there are other vulnerabilities that have been discovered in other audits and election cases since 2020. 

Based on this work to date, it appears that vulnerabilities identified may be intentional election manipulation, such as the items identified in Mesa County, Colorado (discussed in reports 1-3 as detailed at https://tinapeters.us/reports/ – scroll to bottom of the page to see the report links)

The career forensic experts who worked on the Mesa County reports claim that everything in these reports was a result of the Hard Drive Images made of the Mesa County, Colorado Election Management Server, before and after Dominion Voting Systems did a ‘software upgrade’ known as “The Trusted Build”.  These reports have been ignored by Election Authorities. 

Here are some of the takeaways from the Mesa County Reports: 

1) The report concludes that the unauthorized existence of  SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in the operational Election Equipment allows for easy intentional vote flipping.  SSMS allows direct unauthorized modification of ballot programming and votes.

2)  The system is reportedly specifically programmed to automatically direct all voting system devices to other networks, including to the internet with a click of a button or plugging in a cable.

3)  There are many other egregious insecurities beyond just the few above. It would take countless hours to go over them all.

4)  A secondary unauthorized database exists, as described in report #3, (and it was also featured in the documentary Selectioncode), it allowed for the creation of a ‘second set of books’ that was reportably used by nefarious actors.

5)  The Mesa County Report #2 claims that 36 Wireless Devices were installed in the voting systems, allowing for a multitude of wireless connections to be made at will at any time.  This is especially troubling after it had been repeatedly declared by the Voting System providers/administrators/politicians that “Voting Machines are not Connected to the Internet” (or any other Network), thus violating law for certification.

6)  The “Trusted Build” reportably deleted election records such as Access, Audit and Adjudication Log Files.  This made it impossible to verify the election results.  These deletions reportably occurred long before the mandatory retention period defined by State and Federal Laws.

Professor Halderman demonstrated how simple it is to hack into Georgia’s Dominion election systems, and his work provides support for the issues identified in the Mesa Reports 1-3.  

Together as clearly shown by Professor Halderman and the three Mesa County Reports, our electronic voting systems (Poll Pads, Tabulators, Servers, ICXs etc.) are poorly designed for transparency, security, and by no means provide assurance to every voter that their vote was counted as cast.  The “I Voted” sticker in conjunction with empty “Trust Us” words of Election Officials is no substitute for the assurances all Americans deserve with their sacred elections.

Additionally, the new twist of Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is only a Trojan Horse to keep Electronic Voting Machines in the Election Ecosystem, because they are required to accomplish the complicated convoluted calculations required for RCV.

With 2024 Elections just around the corner, it’s of utmost importance that the issues identified in Mesa Reports 1-3 be considered by Judge Totenberg alongside Professor Halderman’s conclusions in order to have the fairest ruling possible. 

Never before has the world been at such a crossroads of Tyranny vs. FreedomThe previously hidden (but now exposed) mechanics of Electronic Voting Machine vulnerabilities profoundly usurps our Constitutional Rights for transparency and accountability with our most sacred election process

We are precisely at the time in history where Ben Franklin prophetically said “it’s a Republic if you can keep it”.

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