Erik Prince: The Possibility of Venezuela Invading Guyana | Joe Hoft


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Erik Prince: The Possibility of Venezuela Invading Guyana

Erik Prince

Erik Prince lays out the situation in South America – will Venezuela invade Guyana?

This story started a couple years ago when Exxon performed offshore testing and found huge oil reserves off the coast of Guyana.  This was the single largest new energy discovery in the Western Hemisphere.

After this record oil discovery off the coast of Guyana three years ago that has increased the small nation’s GDP by 30% and growing, the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela is dredging up an old border dispute to steal these oil reserves. A referendum in Venezuela will provide President Maduro with the false premise that he can mobilize his military to seize this valuable resource.

The socialist communist Venezuela backed by Russia, Cuba, Iran and China is now exerting itself over Guyana to get at the oil reserves found there.  The land that Venezuela is after is where the giant oil reserves are found.

What could go wrong with this scenario?

This episode was referred to me by Michael Yon.


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