Efforts to Obtain Unredacted Info on Mueller’s ‘Pitbull’ Weissmann Obstructed by Weissmann Deep State Apprentice | Joe Hoft


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Efforts to Obtain Unredacted Info on Mueller’s ‘Pitbull’ Weissmann Obstructed by Weissmann Deep State Apprentice

As the corrupt and unconstitutional Mueller witchhunt continues, efforts are underway to obtain unredacted information related to Mueller’s ‘pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann. Weissman’s egregious actions in the Enron case a decade ago are being covered up. Obtaining this information will no doubt show more massive corruption by this Mueller gang member.

CNN treats the Mueller team as if it were a group of modern day heroes, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Mainstream Media will just not report the truth about the gang of mobsters from the FBI and DOJ that joined the corrupt Mueller team.

The entire Mueller gang is corrupt and should be under investigation (like former gang members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page). Instead they are running amuck investigating the President and anyone near him for any semblance of a crime. They all have conflicts of interest after being supporters of Hillary Clinton and even representing her in court. One individual with a corrupt past was at Hillary Clinton’s November 2016 election party, Andrew Weissmann.

The Federalist reported that Weissmann has a history of ethics violations

Since Weissmann took a leave of absence from his top Department of Justice job to join the special counsel’s team, critics have questioned his impartiality. Reports suggest the man branded Mueller’s pit bull by the New York Times violated internal protocol when he met with reporters from the Associated Press in April 2017. The following day, the AP published an exposé on Paul Manafort’s relationship with Ukraine officials.

Then news broke that twice-demoted Department of Justice attorney Bruce Ohr kept Weissmann “in the loop” about the dossier penned by former MI6 British spy Christopher Steele and used to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to surveil President Trump’s campaign.

Ohr, who apparently had no official role in the Russia investigation, has come under fire for feeding the FBI intel from Steele following the latter’s termination as an informant. Ohr’s purported communications with Weissmann raise the question of whether the top DOJ lawyer likewise sidestepped FBI protocols concerning sources.

These facts raise serious concerns about Weissmann’s continued service on the special counsel’s team and justify delving further into the career of the long-time federal prosecutor.

Both The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell have exposed Weissmann’s reckless win-until-reversed modus operandi that has destroyed countless lives. Weissmann’s tactics sent four Merrill Lynch executives to prison, until a federal appellate court overturned their convictions and freed the men—but not before upending their lives.

Also, Weissmann’s prosecution of former accounting giant Arthur Andersen for its role in the Enron collapse shuttered the firm, leaving tens of thousands of people unemployed. Several years later the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Arthur Andersen conviction, but it was too late by then to undo the harm Weissmann had caused.

One truth seeker on the Internet, Techno Fog on Twitter, announced that he was going to request information on Weissman related to his corrupt actions from a decade ago. He claims Weissmann took part in egregious prosecutorial misconduct in the Enron case a decade ago. The information released to the public to date is redacted –

The individual handling Techno Fog’s request is someone who once worked for Weissmann. The Deep State is all over this request. They don’t want their crooked associate outed for the actions he made a decade ago –

Nothing is simple when dealing with Deep State crooks like Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey or Weissmann. After Techno Fog made the request for the unredacted information on Weissmann, the response from Weissman’s former underling at the corrupt DOJ was that the copies of the documents were not located. The originals had to be requested from the court.

The DOJ under Obama and then Sessions is no longer revered as an institution of shining integrity. As more Americans see the truth about how utterly corrupt the leadership of these departments have been over the past decade or more, they will be outraged.

Shame on the MSM for not reporting how absolutely corrupt and therefore criminal the Mueller gang is. Individuals like Weissmann should not be working for the DOJ and should never be working on any investigation of false crimes related to our President.

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