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DeSantis Backs President Trump Then Stabs Him the Next Day

So much for DeSantis supporting President Trump.

On Sunday it was reported that Ron DeSantis was stepping out of the 2024 Presidential race. The governor of Florida then backed President Trump in the race.

BREAKING: DeSantis Is Done – Suspends Campaign – Endorses Trump

But yesterday, only one day later, DeSantis immediately hit back at President Trump.

A lawmaker in Florida proposed a bill calling for the state to help President Trump with legal fees in his court battles against the corrupt and criminal Biden regime.

Biden’s goons raided President Trump’s home and stole documents he had in storage and then claimed President Trump had no right to maintain the documents.  This all is a lie.  President Trump has the Presidential Records Act that allows him to take with him all the documents he wants from his White House.  It is more likely that the Biden gang wanted to steal documents from President Trump that showed their crimes.

But rather than go along with the bill to support President Trump, DeSantis tweeted that he won’t do it.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says state taxpayers will not be on the hook for former president Donald Trump‘s legal bills.

One day after suspending his campaign for the White House, he shot down attempts from some Florida Republicans to set aside millions of dollars in government funds to help pay for Trump’s legal battles.

A Miami Republican, who is backing Trump’s reelection, has already filed a bill that would allow the Sunshine State to dish out up to $5 million to the former president.

Here is DeSantis’s tweet.

Politics is a crazy business.

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