Crooked Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Orders President Trump Deposed in BS Strzok Case | Joe Hoft


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Crooked Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Orders President Trump Deposed in BS Strzok Case

Crooked Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson orders President Trump to be deposed in BS Strzok case. 

This case should have been thrown out by the courts but not in DC.  This is another example of why the corrupt DC court should be shut down.  The judges and prosecutors are totally corrupt.

Horribly corrupt Amy Berman Jackson abused her authority and lied to Roger Stone that there was nothing in the Mueller report that would exonerate him.  She should have been removed from the court and arrested for this.  But nothing.

She abused Paul Manafort as well in his BS case in DC.

Then she abused every single innocent protester from Jan 6 who landed in her court, labeling them criminals for protesting a stolen election.

Now crooked Amy Berman Jackson has ordered that President Trump be deposed in the BS Peter Strzok case in DC.  The Washington Examiner reported yesterday:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied the Department of Justice’s motion for reconsideration that would have blocked Trump from deposing in ex-FBI agent Strzok’s lawsuit filed in 2019. Strzok filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department after he was fired, claiming the DOJ violated his First Amendment rights by releasing his private text messages with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and claiming that he was wrongfully terminated. Page sued the FBI for allegedly violating the Privacy Act.

The Durham report just outlined how the entire Russia collusion special counsel was based on lies and yet it proceeded for years in an attempted coup against President Trump.  Peter Strzok was in the middle of it all before, during, and now after the attempted coup.  Yet, corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson is allowing the ring leader to protest his being fired.

This is the change Obama wanted.  It must end.  


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