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Coulter on Hannity Discusses New Book – “In Trump We Trust”

Ann Coulter was on Hannity last night and covered many topics while promoting her new book –

ann coulter in trump we trust

In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome!

Coulter said the following when discussing the mainstream medias attacks against Breitbart

It’s because Breitbart put out Clinton Cash, which has been watched by more than 3 million people online.  I mean it’s been acknowledged by Washington Post, New York Times as absolutely devastating because it very clearly lays out the whole pay for play Clinton Foundation scam.  Where, they take money, Hillary does a favor as Secretary of State and then weirdly Bill Clinton gets hired to give a speech for $600,000. I mean it’s just so utterly obviously corrupt like everything else she does.

When discussing Hillary and Trump, Coulter said –

The Democrats and Hillary Clinton see African Americans only as voters. They don’t care about, the Democrats don’t care about your lives or your jobs.  Immigration and a border wall is the great unifier.  Trump promises to put Americans first, to protect their neighborhoods, but most of all to bring jobs back [and] to end these job killing trade deals.  He’s the first person to ever come along and say maybe we should care about just emptying out the manufacturing base of America and to stop dumping low wage workers on the country.  I mean that is the big issue he has.

See full interview here –

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