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Corrupt and Criminal Andrew Weissmann Believes the Constitution Doesn’t Apply to President Trump


Andrew Weissman believes the Constitution doesn’t apply to President Trump.  He believes it was fine when he stole President Trump’s rights from him during the corrupt and totally BS Mueller Special Counsel that was based entirely on lies. 

The totally corrupt mouthpiece for the Biden Deep State, and the man who led the Mueller coup against President Trump and who is still walking the streets of America believes that President Trump should lose his right to  free speech.  President Trump after being targeted by Weissman and the Obama and Hillary gangs illegally without cause on BS lies using the Mueller exam, should not be able to talk about the crimes committed against him now by Weissmann protege the corrupt and criminal Jack Smith.

Jack Smith learned his corrupt and criminal ways working in the same shop alongside Weissmann in NYC.

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Weissmann believes that President Trump should not say anything about Weissman’s and Jack Smith’s corrupt and criminal DOJ.  Now should President Trump request a new judge when the current DC judge Chutkan in DC is an ugly Marxist Obama judge who hates President Trump. Weissmann believes that President Trump should not be permitted to run in 2024.

It’s clear that Weissmann should be in prison or worse when found guilty of sedition.  Weissmann needs to be held accountable for his many crimes.  Until he is, he’ll continue with his totally disgusting ways.


Weissmann is one of the most corrupt individuals to ever work in the DOJ.  He doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, it’s all about the end game. Unfortunately, Weissmann’s corrupt and dishonest actions over the years didn’t prevent Weissmann from moving up the ranks in the DOJ, they helped him.
Weissmann started his career wrongly prosecuting individuals in NYC mob wars at the same time Robert Mueller was doing the same in Boston. 
Weissmann joined Robert Mueller and others in the Enron Task force where they destroyed over 80,000 Arthur Andersen professionals’ careers in the early 2000s. Weissmann’s actions led to four Merrill Lynch professionals facing time in prison, one in solitary, all were later found innocent.
Weissmann then went on to lead the Mueller witchhunt in its attempted coup of the President of the United States.  The Russia-collusion lie was later found by the DOJ to have been created by Hillary Clinton and put in place by the Obama White House.  All involved, including Weissmann knew it was a lie.  They just wanted to stop President Trump before they all were put in prison.
The list of unethical and arguably criminal actions by Weissmann in the Mueller witchhunt is unending. Weissmann’s corrupt actions are the standard for the DOJ today.  Weissmann is still trying to get President Trump. 


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