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Conservative Woman Protests Trump Murder Play and Gets Arrested but Liberal Man Who Rushed Trump on Stage with Possible Gun Released?

This year Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park is showing the play “Julius Caesar” but with a sick and violent twist – depicting President Donald Trump’s assassination. This violent leftist rendition of Shakespeare is still playing after the shooting of GOP Rep. Scalise by a devout Bernie Sanders supporter.

Last night the play was interrupted by a conservative protester by the name of Laura Loomer. Laura rushed the stage and started screaming “Stop Leftist Violence!!” This went on for over half a minute.

Laura was escorted off the stage and then she was arrested for trespassing and released a short time later.

Last November a radical left ‘bird-dogger’ for the Hillary Campaign rushed the stage in Nevada while Presidential Candidate Trump was speaking at a rally.

A ‘bird-dogger’ is someone who is paid ultimately by the Democratic party to incite violence at Republican events. These bird-doggers were brought to light by James O’Keefe who interviewed DNC operative Bob Creamer who admitted that this was what the DNC did and does.

When the crazed leftist by the name of Austyn Crites was close to the stage at the Trump rally in Nevada someone thought he had a gun and yelled out ‘Gun, He’s got a gun!”

President Trump was rushed from the stage by his Secret Service personnel. The event was stopped while police escorted the creepy liberal disruptor from the event. Eventually after police questioning, Crites was let go and no charges were pressed.

In the video above, Donald Trump, Jr rightly predicted that Crites was a leftist plant. The leftist in America, the DNC, their media and the likes of bird-doggers like Crites are extremely violent. The left promotes violence through social media or even in plays in Central Park in New York City. This is acceptable by the left.

In American today, if you attempt to stand up against the left you get arrested. However, if someone threatens a conservative, including the future President of the US , then that is no big deal.

This left-wing violence and double standard must stop.


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