Clinton Anti-Poverty Plan (with No New Jobs and More Government Handouts) Falsely Claims to Help Republicans more than Democrats | Joe Hoft


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Clinton Anti-Poverty Plan (with No New Jobs and More Government Handouts) Falsely Claims to Help Republicans more than Democrats

Hillary Clinton

An anti-poverty plan promoted by Hillary Clinton provides government handouts to certain poverty stricken areas above others.  The plan is the brain child of Democrat Black Caucus member Jim Clyburn from South Carolina.  He believes it will work because billions of dollars will flow into the neediest areas.

Clinton stated that this “program would target a lot of places in America, not only inner city poverty but rural poverty, Indian country poverty, coal country poverty.” Rather than bring these areas jobs which have been lost due to Democratic policies like those that have recently destroyed coal companies, Democrats believe that by giving more tax payer dollars to these areas the situation will be solved. This unbelievable non-sense is why Democratic policies have destroyed these communities in the first place. The Congressional Black Caucus limits it membership to Black, Democrat Congressmen and women.  Clyburn, a member of the group, uses 2009 Congressional District data for his assertion that Republican counties will be helped more than Democratic counties with his government money give away.  However in 2009, when Obama was first inaugurated, the House of Representatives was made up of 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans.  This number has drastically changed.  By 2012 the House was made up of 234 Republicans and 201 Democrats which is very similar to the proportion today.

In our previously reported study of 2013 Congressional districts, 36 of the poorest 39 districts in the US are Democrat districts while working class districts in the US are represented by Republicans by a two-to-one ratio. The only household income categories that correlated with Democratic led districts were those with incomes less than $10,000, incomes between $10,000 and $14,999, incomes between $150,000 and $199,999, and incomes greater than $200,000.  Data proves that Democrats represent the very poor and super rich.

Clyburn and Clinton must know that Clyburn’s plan is another self-serving Democratic program that doesn’t address the root cause to poverty (i.e. no jobs) but rather is a money drop to Black Caucus and other Democratic Congressional Districts.

An article reported in Politico stated that Clyburn’s program was supported by Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Paul Ryan. The headline of the post “Clinton, Ryan team up on anti-poverty planclaims that Ryan is behind the plan but the article provides little to support this. In the article, Politico claims that Ryan “… has been largely mum on the plan in public, despite having given his tacit approval.”  The article goes on to note that a Ryan spokesperson said that Ryan is focused on the House’s Better Way agenda which includes the poverty plank but this is in no way an endorsement from Ryan.

(Politico is the same news organization whose top tier reporter sent his story about the Clinton fund raising machine to the DNC for approval before providing to his editors as was uncovered by the WikiLeaks email dump right before the Democratic convention.)

Some things never change – Democrats continue to pad their pockets and those of their constituents with tax payer money and the poor in America continue to remain in poverty.

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