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BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Senate Republicans Vote to Remove Liberal Progressive Democrat From Elections Commission


Breaking Big: Wisconsin Senate Republicans Vote to Remove Liberal Progressive Democrat From Elections Commission.

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

As promised, Wisconsin Senate Republicans unanimously voted on Tuesday, October 3rd, to remove a liberal progressive democrat from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The 3-2 vote (click hereSenate election committee denies appointment of Dem election commissioner over administrator vote | News From The States) of the Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection will now be forwarded to the entire Senate for a Floor Vote during the October 10-19, 2023, Floor Session, for final confirmation to remove this Commissioner appointed by the liberal progressive governor of Wisconsin.

To view testimony from an election integrity supporter opposed to the governor’s nomination of the liberal progressive democrat to the Wisconsin Election Commission, start at 24:45 of the attached video that runs for 12 minutes – WisconsinEye: Delivering unfiltered access to Wisconsin public policy (

Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that administers elections the way they do with an Administrator and Commission as opposed to some 43 states that have the Secretary of State, a gubernatorial or legislative appointee administer their elections (click here – Election Administration at State and Local Levels (

The Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted 22-11 on September 14th to officially, legally and statutorily remove the Administrator of Elections whose term ended on June 30, 2023, and refused to leave the office in Madison under the supposed security blanket of her now personal attorney, Attorney General Kaul’s, lawsuit (click here – Wisconsin Senate Republicans Unanimously Vote to Finally End the Nightmare of How Elections Are Administered by Removing Administrator of Elections Meagan Wolfe | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft).

Wisconsin has been ground zero for several years with the highly questionable and unethical administration of elections born out in many court cases ruling in favor of the voters and against the former Administrator of Elections and the Wisconsin Elections Commission as follows:

One of the main reasons Republican Senators voted to remove the liberal progressive Commissioner from the Wisconsin Elections Commission is because he failed miserably in his required statutorily oath-of-office duties as a Commissioner, along with two of his fellow liberal progressive democrat Commissioners, to make a recommendation to nominate an appointee for the Administrator of Elections when the 4-year term ends (click here What comes next for Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator after reappointment vote deadlock? | News |

There was no “deadlock” of the Elections Commission on the reappointment of the Administrator of Elections.

There was a unanimous vote (3-0) by the republican members of the Elections Commission to reappoint the Administrator of Elections for a new 4-year term as required by State Statute 15.61, Senate Rule 22 and Senate Resolution 3.

The liberal progressive democrats purposely chose to “abstain” from voting in an attempt to confuse and conflate their responsibilities with misleading the public in hopes of keeping the terminated Administrator of Elections in office into perpetuity to apparently make sure Wisconsin’s 10 electoral college votes go to their candidate in 2024.

Of course, right on cue, when liberal progressive democrats can’t legally and ethically win at the ballot box or through the legislative process, they always appear to run to the courthouse in hopes of finding a sympathetic judge who will rule in their favor because the democrats have unlimited time, money and resources (click here – AG Kaul files lawsuit after Senate votes to fire Meagan Wolfe (

The whole goal of the liberal progressive democrats is to tie the matter of the fired Administrator of Elections up in court at the circuit court level, the Appellant Level and ultimately at the Wisconsin Supreme Court Level because the democrats feel Janet Protasiewicz will rule in their favor to keep the Administrator of Elections in place into perpetuity (click here – Deadlock at Elections Commission would give Vos, LeMahieu opportunity to select new administrator – Wisconsin Examiner).

Would this qualify for “quid-pro-quo”?

What’s the pathway forward:

  • The Wisconsin Elections Commission (3 republicans, 2 democrats) after the October Floor Session that officially removes the liberal progressive Commissioner, could quickly make a nomination of a new Administrator of Elections that the Republican controlled Senate could approve within the 45-day period as prescribed by State Statute 15.61 that started on September 14th at 1:00 P.M.  The 45-day period ends on or around November 1st.
  • The Wisconsin Elections Commission (3 republicans, 3 democrats) after the new nomination of a Commissioner by the Governor’s Office to replace the ousted Commissioner, could make a nomination of the ousted Administrator of Elections or nominate a 2.0 version of the former Administrator of Elections within the 45-day period as prescribed by State Statute 15.61 that started on September 14th at 1:00 P.M.  The 45-day period ends on or around November 1st.
  • The Administrator of Elections “vacancy” (started on September 14th at 1:00 P.M.) per State Statute 15.61, requires that if a new Administrator or Interim Administrator isn’t nominated by the Wisconsin Elections Commission and or confirmed by the Republican Senate within the set 45-day period, then the appointment of the Administrator of Elections position is then referred to the Joint Committee on Legislation Organization (JCLO) to make that appointment without any approval of the Governor’s and or Attorney Genral’s Office(s).  There are 6 Republicans and 4 democrats on JCLO.  All 6 Republicans would have to vote for the new Administrator of Elections.
  • Candidates for the Administrator of Elections position need to be immediately identified along with the quantifiable election integrity issues which need to be immediately addressed through the administrative executive authority prescribed by State Statute 15.61 in time for the 2024 Election Cycle.

Wisconsin is incrementally taking the necessary steps to restore election integrity for all Wisconsin voters to avoid a repeat of the 2020 Presidential Race disaster.




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