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Biden’s Response in 2020 to Taking a Cognitive Test

Biden has not and will not take a cognitive test.  He is so bad he won’t even bring in a crooked doctor to lie about his health. 

Hillary Clinton was quick to claim that she had perfect health.  This was a lie.

In August of 2016 we identified that Hillary had a lack of events on her calendar.  She was taking weekends off during a Presidential campaign.

Hillary has No Campaign Rallies Scheduled on her Calendar! What’s Wrong with Her?

We then identified a strange man at her side.  Hillary never admitted that she was sick.

Hillary’s Mysterious Handler Still By Her Side

Again in 2017, HIllary looked quite sick.  She still is.

Hillary Again Shows Signs That She’s Really Sick – Still Quiet About Possible Parkinson’s

Then came senile Joe Biden in 2020.  We all knew he was sick then.  He was losing it.  He hid in his basement and held events with only a few people present.  When asked about his cognitive health, Biden got nasty.

Now we know Biden is out to lunch.  He is gone.  We haven’t had a Democrat Presidential nominee who could pass a health test since 2012. 


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