Biden the Chinese Puppet – Watered Down Vetting Process for Chinese Illegals Entering US | Joe Hoft


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Biden the Chinese Puppet – Watered Down Vetting Process for Chinese Illegals Entering US


The Biden Administration has allowed Chinese illegals into the country by watering down the vetting process for these individuals. 

The Biden Administration has allowed Chinese illegals an easier passage into the US.

Previously we reported that Chinese illegals were moving in a pipeline of sorts into the US.

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Now we find out that the Biden Administration is giving Chinese an easier entry into the US than other illegals.  The Daily Caller reports:

The Biden administration drastically simplified the vetting process for Chinese illegal immigrants in April 2023, according to an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) email obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The April 2023 email, which was sent by a CBP supervisor to a “master list” of about 500 Border Patrol agents, instructs CBP officials to radically reduce the number of interview questions for Chinese migrants apprehended after illegally crossing into the country from roughly 40 to just five. The “headquarters guidance” came as border agents were overwhelmed with near-record numbers of illegal crossings.

This scaling back of the interview process fast-tracked the releasing of Chinese illegal immigrants into the U.S. while making it more difficult for CBP agents to identify national security threats, J.J. Carrell, a retired CBP deputy patrol agent in charge, told the DCNF after reviewing the email.

“This policy change has accelerated the time it takes to process Chinese illegal immigrants — this doesn’t make America safer,” Carrell said. “The final result is that dangerous Chinese illegal immigrants will still be released into the U.S.”

“This is just the government covering their ass, so they can say they vetted,” said Carrell. “I believe the government recognizes the threat of Chinese soldiers and spies that are pouring into America, and they want to try and identify these individuals. However, the same government does not want to stop the flow of illegal aliens or Chinese nationals — just the ‘bad ones,’ which is impossible.”

This is frightening. 

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