Biden/Obama Force Israel to Stop Its Siege in Gaza While Siding with Hamas Terrorists | Joe Hoft


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Biden/Obama Force Israel to Stop Its Siege in Gaza While Siding with Hamas Terrorists

Above a Hamas terrorist kidnaps two Israeli children after killing their parents on Oct 7

Biden/Obama regime is protecting terrorist nation Hamas and forcing Israel into a ceasefire which will enable future Oct 7s in the tiny country. 

Jonathan Tobin at Israel National News notes Biden’s actions to stop Israel in its war against Hamas.

As the six-month anniversary of the Hamas attacks on Israel was marked this past weekend with remembrances of the fallen, as well as prayers and demands for the release of the more than 100 hostages still held by Hamas, Israeli optimism about the ultimate outcome of the conflict was hard to maintain. Indeed, contrary to Netanyahu’s words, it seems as though the Biden administration’s opposition to further efforts to defeat Hamas has forced Israel’s government to back down and accept what appears to be a ceasefire with the current leadership of the terrorist organization without a single hostage being released. If that is so, then the current situation must be judged to be an unprecedented disaster for the Jewish state.

While Israel’s armed foes and their antisemitic allies throughout the world may have reason to celebrate these events, the outcome of this conflict is not yet decided. Israel’s armed forces have already achieved a great deal in its effort to degrade Hamas’s military capabilities and destroy much of its underground fortress system, and can, given more time, finish the job. Moreover, it’s hard to believe that Netanyahu or anyone tasked with leading the Jewish state will accept an outcome in which it not only suffered the worst mass slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust but then allowed those pledged to its destruction to defeat it through international pressure and a propaganda campaign.

An honest assessment of events that have transpired these last six months must deem them among the most awful in modern Jewish history. And while it’s easy to get lost in the details of military, political and diplomatic problems, the world should never lose sight of the one element that explains the virulence of Hamas’s murder campaign and indifference to Israel’s rights and security: antisemitism. If the first six months of the war have been filled with disappointments and mistakes, what follows need not be a disastrous conclusion to the conflict.

The Israel-haters have hypocritically helped convince liberals in the United States to oppose the continuation of the war; however, efforts to counteract these lies and build support for Israeli victory loom greater than ever.

Tobin is not alone in his assessment of Biden’s interference in Israel’s right to hold those accountable for the Oct 7 invasion, murder, rape and kidnapping of Israelis on that terrible day.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak broke a massive story on Biden siding with the terrorists of Hamas.

In a typical war, each side is responsible for its own civilians. The side that can no longer protect its people loses and surrenders. Certainly the aggressor — as Palestinians were in this case — has no right to demand special treatment…

That rule is inverted in Gaza, where anti-Israel activists and left-wing “progressives” have pushed the false idea that Israel is an occupying power. (Israel pulled its soldiers and civilians out in 2005; Hamas took over in a 2007 coup).

The Biden administration, facing protest from Arab- and Muslim-American voters in Michigan, and a revolt by its own “progressive” staff, began pressuring Israel early in the war to assume responsibility for aiding Gaza residents.

Pollack notes that Israel is now suffering from a color revolution similar to what was done in Ukraine in 2014 and the US in 2020.  Although the great majority of Israelis back destroying Hamas and getting them out of Gaza, this riotous minority won’t have it.

Biden/Obama are behind it all.  Putting pressure on Israel to force a cease fire and protect Hamas.

Pollak was on the War Room to discuss.


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