Biden Allowing Dangerous Terrorists to Walk Right Into the US | Joe Hoft


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Biden Allowing Dangerous Terrorists to Walk Right Into the US

Biden Admin Lies About Its Weak Vetting Of Illegal Immigrants

The following is from the Trump Team. 

Joe Biden’s open border policies are putting American lives in danger and his administration is now lying to try to cover it up.

On Tuesday night, NBC released a bombshell report that over 50 illegal immigrants with ISIS ties are in the United States with unknown whereabouts.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was asked about the terror threat posed by the open border on CNN Wednesday morning, and said, “In fact, in this administration the different agencies and departments across the federal enterprise are working more cooperatively and more effectively and doing more robust screening and vetting than ever before.”

That is a blatant lie from Secretary Mayorkas.

A recent report from the DHS Inspector General found that the “Department of Homeland Security’s technology, procedures, and coordination were not fully effective to screen and vet non citizens applying for admission into the United States or asylum seekers whose asylum applications were pending for an extended period.”

The report said, “DHS will remain at risk of admitting dangerous persons into the country or enabling asylum seekers who may pose significant threats to public safety and national security to continue to reside in the United States, until these challenges are addressed.”

CBS’ Margaret Brennan covered the report on Face the Nation, and said, “This is the government saying, ‘We can’t vet everyone properly.'”

The Biden/Obama gang want to destroy the United States.  Pure evil.


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