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Angel Reese Gets Hammered for Her Nasty Tweet About Caitlin Clark


Angel Reese gets slammed after her nasty tweet towards Caitlin Clark. 

Angel Reese is a nasty girl.  She played basketball at LSU and beat the Iowa girls basketball team and Caitlin Clark in the 2023 NCAA Championship game thanks to some questionable calls against Clark and her team.

This past season, Reese was not so lucky.  Clark and the Hawkeyes beat Reese and LSU and knocked them out of the NCAA tourney.  Clark led the day in that game a few months ago:

Caitlin Clark put up another sensational performance to carry Iowa to its second straight Final Four.

The Hawkeyes’ superstar guard, whose record-breaking exploits have brought unprecedented attention to women’s basketball, made nine 3-pointers and finished with 41 points and 12 assists as Iowa knocked defending national champion LSU out of the NCAA Tournament with a 94-87 victory on Monday night.

“It’s amazing to be back in the Final Four. It’s so hard to get back there,” Clark said. “This region was really hard, but we told ourselves we are the one seed for a reason.”

That game became the most watched game in NCAA history before Clark played UConn and beat them in the final four matchup.  Then that game was surpassed in viewership by the NCAA Championship game that surpassed all records for a women’s basketball game with over 21 million watching that game.

Reese and most the girls in the WNBA are jealous of Clark’s accomplishments and popularity.

Clark now is playing for a very bad team.  The team is so bad that it received the number one pick in the draft two years in a row.

Clark’s coach and organization are continuing their losing ways with the greatest scorer in NCAA history on the team.  It’s been painful to watch.

Angel Reese is with Chicago and their team just beat one of the better teams in the WNBA.  After the win Reese tweeted a slam at Clark about winning in an “area”, noticeably misspelling arena.  Reese had a terrible GPA in school and couldn’t play at the beginning of this past year’s LSU season because of her grades.  Clark had a 4.0.

The tweet by Reese was blasted as totally out of touch and rude and dumb.  Reese eventually took it down.  We’re not sure if she was told to or if she was embarrassed about misspelling arena.

Here is a discussion on the tweet:


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