Americans Finally Seeing the Severity of Deep State’s Corruption – The President and Congress Need to Step Up and Save America! | Joe Hoft


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Americans Finally Seeing the Severity of Deep State’s Corruption – The President and Congress Need to Step Up and Save America!

This weekend President Trump shared his concerns for the US republic in a number of tweets like this –

So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday “interrogation” with no swearing in and no recording, lies many times…and nothing happens to her? Rigged system, or just a double standard?

The President then reassured Americans that the corrupt leaders of the FBI, DOJ and deep state will be addressed –

After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more), running the FBI, its reputation is in Tatters – worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.

Former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, shared yesterday on Hannity that America is at a crossroads –

This is a real fight for whether America is going to remain a republic or that is ruled by law or whether its going to degenerate into being a purely corrupt system of power where if you’re on the right team you can rip everybody off and be protected or if you’re an the wrong team you can be innocent and go to jail.”

Americans are now becoming more aware that the corrupt deep state has burrowed into the federal government in a manner never seen before. Yesterday Former UN Ambassador John Bolton stated that this is the “First Attempted Coup D’état in US History”.

Americans are calling on the leaders of the US to clean up the FBI and DOJ. President Trump is meeting all his promises but his Attorney General Jeff Sessions is too weak to address the seriousness of this issue. He recused himself and is to blame for the Mueller investigation. He is either part of the deep state or incompetent, and both are reasons to remove him.

Sessions’ DOJ is corrupt. Every request for information related to the deep state is delayed or not provided. Criminals are running the FBI, DOJ and Mueller investigation. Congress to date has done little to nothing to address this problem. Speaker Ryan appears appalled by the presence of President Trump and his lack of actions or ability to address the corruption in the federal government make him an accomplice to the deep state’s destruction of American. Senate Leader McConnell is just as bad.

America is being destroyed daily by the delays in addressing the deep state. Americans are suffering. General Flynn is an example just like the employees of Arthur Anderson long ago who were crushed by the deep state. Mueller is asked to recuse himself from the investigation due to multiple conflicts by numerous individuals and entities and he ignores these requests while building a team of corrupt misfits known for their hate for Americans and their criminal and corrupt actions.

There is no time left. Deep state is running the FBI, DOJ and other agencies and therefore the government. The time to make America great is now and the place is in Washington D.C. The country and the free world depend on it.

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