Amazon Now Pushing Fake News Articles From Washington Post to Their Customers

Amazon, the world’s largest Internet retailer by some measurements, is now pushing fake new news from their sister company, the Washington Post. Today Amazon sent an email to its many customers denigrating FOX News, Sean Hannity and the majority of Americans that support the current President of the United States.

Amazon is using its vast inventory of customer email accounts to send articles critical of President Trump to its many customers. Ironically, the headline article in their email refers to ‘fake news’!

The first article pushed by Amazon was the Washington Post’s “In Trump’s right-wing media universe, it was a day like any other”. This post slams anyone who doesn’t believe that the fake crimes promoted by the WaPo are legitimate reasons to impeach the President.

In the next story the retailer promoted a story from the WaPo about the President’s former lawyer who they say, along with President Trump “Worked to silence two women”. This article said little about the raid on Cohen’s work, home and storage facility and certainly didn’t discuss attorney-client privileges that were destroyed by the raid on Cohen’s properties and the Mueller team’s abhorrent conflicts of interest.

Amazon must not like the President looking into to its delivery charges with the US Postal Service –


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